Over the weekend, Mark Hoppus went live on Instagram to answer some fan questions about blink-182's upcoming EP that is set to be released later this summer.

As well, Hoppus took the time to rank his favorite blink-182 albums in order. However, he left one classic LP out of his rankings.

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Earlier this month, blink-182 debuted their new single "Quarantine." As Travis Barker previously shared, the new single is off of their forthcoming EP that is expected to arrive later this summer.

“We’re wrapping up what we think will be an EP that hopefully will be out by the end of summer,” Barker says.

Now, Hoppus has spilled some more secrets regarding the highly-awaited new EP. In a new Instagram live stream, Hoppus shares that blink-182 are still recording for the new release. Matt Skiba recently hit the studio with legendary producer John Feldmann to work on new songs.

"We're working on it [the EP] today," Hoppus shares. "Matt is going back into the studio with John today to work on new songs. I think we have a tracklisting, we still need to finish these songs [and] get them mixed. We're a ways away still, but we are working on it."

Hoppus further shares that he is excited for blink-182 fans to hear their new songs.

"These songs are dope. You guys are in for some dope new blink-182 music in, hopefully, the nearest future," he continues.

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Along with dishing new info about their forthcoming EP, Hoppus also reveals what his favorite blink-182 albums are. After a fan asked about their 2017 album California, he decided to rank all of blink-182's albums in order. However, he accidentally left Buddha out of his ranking.

"I love California the album," he says. "It's probably in my top two or three. I think it goes Untitled, Enema [Of The State], California, probably Take Off Your Pants and Jacket over NINE. Then, Neighborhoods, Dude Ranch and Cheshire Cat. What did I forget? Did I forget anything?"

Hoppus recently opened up about blink-182's time recording their 2003 untitled album. During an interview for Jimmy Eat World's Jim Adkins' podcast, Hoppus revealed details behind the recording process of that album as well as how one mistake in the recording studio led to a big change in "Feeling This."

Clips from Hoppus' recent livestream are available to watch below. The first four video clips are about blink-182's forthcoming EP and the fifth video is where he ranks his favorite albums.

How would you rank your favorite blink-182 albums? Let us know in the comments below.