If you’ve ever been to a metal concert or festival, you’ve surely smelt someone sparking up some sticky green stuff as weed has always been a go-to for heavy music listeners.

From Black Sabbath bringing potheads their soundtracks in the ’70s to the sludge and stoner bands of the past few decades and everything in between, metal and weed have always gone together. 

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Take a look below for 10 songs to listen to while you spark up your next sesh. 

Sleep – “Dopesmoker” 

This is the ultimate stoner track if you’re settling in for a long sesh. Sitting at just over an hour in length, Sleep’s “Dopesmoker” will put you in a trance with doomy riffs to nod along to as you pass a bong around. With the monotony of the track, it’s incredibly easy to lose track of where you are in the song. If that doesn’t sound like the most stoner thing ever, nothing will satisfy.

Suicide Silence – “Smoke” 

If you’re aiming to soundtrack a more energetic high, Suicide Silence have you covered. Thrashing around with blast beats and razor-sharp riffs, “Smoke” encourages listeners to take a “lung full of pure inspiration.” The band playfully look at the anxiety-reducing aspects of the plant in terms of their own lives. 

Down – “Hail The Leaf” 

Sludge-metal supergroup Down have done an incredible job bringing a heavy touch to more blues and Southern rock-styled riffs. You could pretty much put on any of their records to soundtrack a long sesh. However, “Hail The Leaf” is where you want to start, with its upbeat yet sludgy approach and lyrics that will help let your worries go while you smoke. 

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Black Sabbath – “Sweet Leaf” 

No list about metal songs for stoners would be complete without Black Sabbath’s “Sweet Leaf.” Stoners have been using this song for nearly five decades now for their sesh playlists, and for good reason. The droned-out, head-nodding riffs and Ozzy Osbourne’s iconic lyrics make this a definitive must-listen for any smoker.

Cannabis Corpse – “Mummified In Bongwater” 

You could pretty much pick out any Cannabis Corpse song, but “Mummified In Bongwater” is a pretty gnarly choice when you think about how nasty it would be to experience that. The Cannibal Corpse-meets-weed-themed band are solid beyond the hilarious references in both their song and album titles. If you’re a cannabis-consuming death-metal aficionado, take a listen and spark up another joint. 

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Municipal Waste – "Born To Party" 

No one quite makes party tunes like Municipal Waste. “Born To Party” off The Art of Partying is a fantastic way to start your sesh off right. Like the majority of the band’s songs, it’s over before you know it, but the simple and catchy ending makes it worth playing on repeat over and over again. 

Pantera – "Goddamn Electric" 

Everyone knew the members of Pantera had a penchant for smoking some herb, but their songs never really showed that up until they dropped “Goddamn Electric” on their final album. The song is one part weed, one part whiskey and one part Slayer and Black Sabbath worship, which sounds like the ultimate combination for a good night. 

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Bongzilla – "Greenthumb" 

Bongzilla’s “Greenthumb” is an obvious choice for stoners, especially if you’re growing your own. The lyrics are a perfect ode to that feeling you get when you wake up to check out your plants and stare into the green abyss as you spark a morning joint and get ready to give your plants some tender loving care.

Murphy's Law – "Big Spliff"

New York hardcore bands are typically less into weed than straight-edge folks. However, veterans of the scene Murphy’s Law were never afraid to wear their love of weed on their sleeves. With records such as Bong Blast and Back With A Bong!, it’s pretty obvious that the band are fans of the plant. “Big Spliff” is a prime ode to smoking up that should be added to any metalhead's sesh playlist. 

Six Feet Under – "4:20"

While Six Feet Under have been considerably less interesting to follow than frontman Chris Barnes' original band Cannibal Corpse, they’ve put out some fun songs to listen to. Case in point: Their track “4:20” ditches most of the death-metal elements for a doomy stoner track praising the effects of weed.