[Photo by: Pokémon USA]

Sure, there are plenty of bizarre auctions on eBay, some well worth the money and some... Not so much.

We'd likely categorize this Mew-shaped Cheeto as the latter, but you can decide for yourself below.

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Listed as "ULTRA RARE POKEMON MEW CHEETO," the Cheeto looks like a Cheeto, as ComicBook.com found. In the shape of the Pokemon Mew? That might be a stretch.

And for $25,000? Also a bit (or a lot) of a stretch.

"That's Right! Ultra rare Pokemon Mew as a cheeto. 1 of a kind!! Hard to find in a card deck, even more rare as a cheeto...Catch it while you can..no Pokeball required," the seller used as the description for the "rare Cheeto."

mew cheeto eBay listing

[Photo by: eBay]

However, there are 27 people watching the listing, so maybe that's a sign that it is something special? We're not so certain. 

That $25,000 price tag might be scaring people away too, but there is free shipping, if you're into that sort of thing.

If you want to check out the full eBay listing, you can do so here.

Would you bid $25,000 on said Cheeto? Sound off in the comments below!