Mike Shinoda has made a heartfelt statement about the new Mark Morton song featuring the late Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington.

The song, “Cross Off” comes from the Lamb Of God guitarist’s upcoming solo album. Shinoda tweeted about the track and reflected on a memory he had with Bennington.

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I remember when Chester played this song for me in his car, almost finished. He was really happy with it. Good stuff, Mark,” Linkin Park member and solo musician Shinoda says in the tweet.  

Bennington had recorded the track in April 2017 with Morton. It is presumably one of the vocalist’s last musical contributions before his tragic death by suicide in 2017.

“(Bennington and I) both really loved the song from its inception and everyone that worked on it put a lot of energy and emotion into it,” Morton said. “I feel like you can really hear that in the track, and absolutely in Chester’s performance.”

The Lamb Of God guitarist composed the base of song and Bennington added his own lyrics and ideas. We first heard of the collaboration back when it was being tracked. And late last year, Morton confirmed it would still be released .

Trivium’s Paolo Gregoletto and Alex Bent also featured on the song with Bennington and Morton.

Morton’s album Anesthetic will be released March 1 and you can preorder it here. Check out “Cross Off” below.


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