Want to know how to impress a band? Back when Warped Tour was a thing, you could whip one of these up and they'd love you. These days, bands are downright shocked when fans know all the right lyrics to their new songs. (Especially if said stans have only heard them on YouTube before their official release.) But really, does anybody ever get the lyrics right the first time?

The answer is obviously, hell no. Our grandparents never had to deal with the vagaries of unclean vocals in their entertainment choices. But getting the right lyrics has forever been a struggle with fans of rock music. There have been entire books compiled about this very subject. And "the scene" certainly isn't immune to it, either. That's where this APTV video comes in.

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Our selections come from all sides. Pop-punk, metalcore, post-hardcore and Top 40 flirtations are all here. Things that also get in the way of knowing the right lyrics include over-emoting vocalists, foreign accents and guitarists who play too damn loud. We swear that we're not complaining. Because we're guilty of some of these interpretations, too.

We hope this video will clarify mistakes and put minds at ease. On the other hand, if you like the words you sing against your favorite bands' jams, who cares? The scene is like gym class: merely showing up is half your grade. (Don't hate, congratulate!) But we have to admit, you probably brought this on yourself. Many bands put the lyrics in the packages of their new vinyl albums and compact discs. Maybe the next Spotify update will be an auto-scroll of the lyrics for every track you stream. Which would be quite treacherous if you lived near busy traffic intersections...