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20 music videos you won't believe were filmed in the same place

Have you ever started watching a music video only to feel the strangest sense of deja vu? Rest assured, we’re here to tell you that you’re not as crazy as you may think. Check out these incredible videos that were all shot in the exact same place.

The Escarpment is Southern California’s go-to, most cost-efficient spot to shoot the perfect music video. From in-house lighting supplies, props and 40,000 square feet of space spread across four buildings, The Escarpment has everything you could possibly need to bring your video ideas to life.

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They boast an amazing client list, including With Confidence, Marilyn Manson, Beartooth, the Plot In You and more.

Here are 20 badass music videos that were all shot at The Escarpment. Check them out below!

1. With Confidence – “Moving Boxes”

Directed by Tyler Zelinsky, the video marks the band’s third single from their album Love And Loathing which dropped Aug. 10 via Hopeless Records. The band later released a second video for the track, learning American Sign Language to the track’s lyrics to connect with their hearing-impaired fans.


Taken from DREAMERS 2018 EP LAUNCH, the “SCREWS” video features cinematography and editing by Ben Zucker while being directed by Nick Wold. Some of the cameos in the clip include Jacoby Shaddix (Papa Roach), the Wrecks, the Griswolds, the Mowgli’s, Steve Aiello (Thirty Seconds To Mars) and many more. The band wanted to showcase the community of artists and songwriters living in L.A. and how it feels similar to the Seattle grunge scene of the ’90s.

3. The Plot In You – “THE ONE YOU LOVED”

The track comes from DISPOSE, the band’s fourth studio album released in February of last year. The stunning video for “THE ONE YOU LOVED” was brought to life by Mathis Arnell who also created the riveting visuals for the band’s “FEEL NOTHING” video.

4. Crown The Empire – “20/20”

“20/20” marked Crown The Empire’s first release since 2016’s Retrograde, so obviously they had to drop an exciting video to match. Directed by Max Moore, the music video casts a creepy, sci-fi vibe, taking the viewer on a journey through the relationship between humans and technology.

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5. Hollywood Undead – “Gotta Let Go”

Caleb Mallery directed the video for what many considered to be one of the “songs of the summer” last year. The track was featured on Hollywood Undead’s surprise-release EP Psalms released this past November.

6. The Smashing Pumpkins – “Solara”

A bizarre video directed by Nick Koenig and produced by Brendan Garrett, “Solara” marked the first new song tracked by the reunited Smashing Pumpkins lineup of frontman Billy Corgan, guitarist James Iha and drummer Jimmy Chamberlin.

7. Against The Current – “Strangers Again”

“Strangers Again” was one of two tracks that kicked off the next era for Against The Current. Kyle Cogan directs the video for the follow-up track to the band’s 2016 debut album, In Our Bones, with Brendan Garrett on production.

8. The Chainsmokers – “Everybody Hates Me”

The video was filmed in Studio E at The Escarpment, alongside a few other areas within the studio. Rory Kramer directs the video in which the Chainsmokers “go full psycho,” complete with massive wall projections and dark lighting.

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9. Marilyn Manson – “Tattooed In Reverse”

From the album Heaven Upside Down, “Tattooed In Reverse” is directed by Bill Yukich with cinematic cameos from Courtney Love and Lisa Marie Presley.

10. Marilyn Manson – “SAY10”

Bill Yukich is back to direct another Manson masterpiece, this time featuring Johnny Depp. The horror film-inspired NSFW video shows Depp and Manson portrayed as Cain and Abel and followed the original Trump-beheading teaser visual.

11. Evanescence – “My Heart Is Broken”

The uptempo rock ballad was the second single from Evanescence’s third studio album released in 2011. The video was filmed by Dean Karr and inspired by the dark fantasy horror film Paperhouse.

12. Dangerkids – “Kill Everything”

Directed and edited by Chris Acosta, cinematography by Mario Contini and colored by Brian Krijgsman, “Kill Everything” comes from Dangerkids’ sophomore album, blacklist_, and marked the perfect introduction to the new era of the band.

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13. Beartooth – “The Lines”

Beartooth debuted their first full-length album, Disgusting, in 2014. On it was the metalcore masterpiece “The Lines” which soon received a smashing (pun intended) video directed by Drew Russ.

14. Conquer Divide – “What’s Left Inside”

“What’s Left Inside” is taken from Conquer Divide’s self-titled debut album released in July 2015. Directed by Shan Dan, the cathartic video was also featured nationwide in Journey’s stores in 2016.

15. Upon This Dawning – “Embrace The Evil”

Taken from Upon This Dawning’s third studio album, We Are All Sinners, “Embrace The Evil” was one of three singles from the 2014 album. The video was co-directed and produced by Shan Dan and Jeremy Tremp.

16. iwrestledabearonce – “Green Eyes”

Another incredible video by Shan Dan, “Green Eyes” comes from iwrestledabearonce’s fourth full-length album, Hail Mary, and their first under Artery Recordings.

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17. iwrestledabearonce – “Gift Of Death”

Another single coming from the album Hail Mary, Shan Dan takes this badass track and give us a video that’s a gift that keeps on giving. We love a good slo-mo.

18. Capture The Crown – “Firestarter”

Capture The Crown dropped a flame-filled video for “Firestarter” in 2014, the first single from their second album, Reign Of Terror. Another banger from Shan Dan, it turns out the inspiration from the video comes from a very real place. “I was in a fire when I was younger,” vocalist Jeffrey Wellfare says. “I had third-degree burns all over my body, my face, everywhere. So it’s personal. We tried to make it into a universal song, just trying to say don’t take your life for granted and appreciate what you’ve got because it can be taken away from you very easily.”

19. Carnifex – “Die Without Hope”

“Die Without Hope” comes from Carnifex’s fifth album under the same name, released in March 2014. Released via Nuclear Blast Records, the video was directed by Shan Dan with set design by Jonny Plague.

20. Lil Jon and DJ Snake – “Turn Down For What”

It’s impossible to forget Lil Jon and DJ Snake’s 2013 hit, “Turn Down For What.” Directed by directing duo Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert, the viral music video was released in March 2014 and described as “perfect insanity.”

Can you believe all these videos were filmed in the same place? What other music videos do you know of that share the same location? Sound off in the comments below!

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