Neck Deep captured our hearts six years ago with the release of their debut album, Wishful Thinking. The pop-punk band’s first full-length record celebrates its anniversary today and has left us craving more pop-drenched angst ever since. 

Do you think you remember everything there is to know about Neck Deep? It’s time to put your pop-punk knowledge to the test. Take this quiz to see how well you recognize Neck Deep albums.

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More on Neck Deep

The pop-punk group released two B-sides from their 2017 album, The Peace And The Panic, via streaming services this past November. The tracks could previously be found on the deluxe version of The Peace And The Panic sold exclusively at Target in North America. Up until now, that was the only place they could be found. 

Neck Deep cleverly titled the B-side release The Peace And The B Sides, releasing “” and “.”

Since The Peace And The Panic, Neck Deep dropped a cover of “Torn” by Natalie Imbruglia for 2018’s Songs That Saved My Life via Hopeless Records. They also released a music video for their surprisng song “She’s A God.”

With two years passing since since Neck Deep unleashed the pop-punk perfection that is The Peace And The Panic have been due to start work on new music soon.

With the surprise drop of “She’s A God,” the band shared a video shot in the studio with analog equipment. Neck Deep had previously opened up on their upcoming fourth full-length in April, saying it will be hard to avoid political tinges given the current state of the world and that they’re going to take their time writing.

“We’re going to take up to a year to write it,” frontman Ben Barlow says. “If it happens sooner, then cool. If it happens later, then that’s fine, too. We’re putting no pressure on ourselves with it.” While no date or information has been given on the forthcoming release since then, the band revealed they still needed to record in September. In October, they offered another update, answering a fan with, “Writing music. Kissing our dogs. Playing video games. Nm. Wbu?”

The band spent most of 2019 opening for blink-182 and Lil Wayne on their North American tour before taking the rest of the year off from touring. They announced via Instagram that they will be back this year and are playing at Rock For People in June. Keep posted on their website for future plans.