Yes, it's true. Nestle Toll House has unveiled ready-to-bake Hocus Pocus themed cookie dough for this year's Halloween season.

With an oatmeal peanut butter base, the Hocus Pocus cookie dough also includes candy-coated gems that represent the film's iconic trio - the Sanderson Sisters.

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Companies are continuing to crank out new Hocus Pocus items for the upcoming spooky season. Funko recently expanded its Hocus Pocus line with a brand new Pop! vinyl figure. As well, Disney launched a Hocus Pocus cauldron-shaped mug with a broomstick stirring spoon, perfect for your favorite hot holiday beverage.

Now, Nestle is joining the Hocus Pocus bandwagon and has launched its own cookie dough inspired by the Sanderson Sisters. Last week, the ready-to-bake cookie dough began popping up in grocery stores' freezer sections. The 14 oz packages include enough oatmeal peanut butter cookie dough for 20 cookies.

The dough also includes "chocolate morsels" and "candy-coated gems." The gems come in three colors - orange, purple and yellow - a clear nod to the Sanderson Sisters. The cookie dough's packaging also includes Winifred, Sarah and Mary on the front.

Various Hocus Pocus fans are taking to social media to share Nestle's recent collab with the Disney film.

For those that enjoy raw cookie dough, however, Nestle has placed a warning on the packaging. The label warns against consuming the dough raw. However, almost two dozen delicious 90-calorie cookies can be made with the dough. According to various reports, the cookie dough is selling for just under the $3 mark.


[Photo via Nestle Toll House]

So, now might be the time to head to your local grocery store and see if they have Nestle's Hocus Pocus cookie dough. From the sounds of it, this item is going to go fast.

Are you going to try Nestle's new cookie dough? Let us know in the comments below.