Have you ever found yourself sitting on the couch watching Netflix with your best friend or significant other, only to realize they've jumped three episodes ahead in the show you were supposed to be watching together?

Now, Netflix has decided to lay down some rules in regards to binge-watching by creating a "co-watching contract" for both parties to sign.

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The contract requires a signature from both parties, with Netflix listed as a witness.

Signing the document will mean that the signees agree upon the five major rules of binge-watching.

You can view those rules below!

  • I won’t fall asleep
  • I won’t get distracted by my phone causing the other person to rewind because I missed something;
  • I won’t continue watching a show without the other person present;
  • I won’t talk whilst the show is on; In the event that I come across a spoiler,
  • I won’t share it with the other person.

The contract is ideal for those in a relationship or who simply like to watch shows alongside their best friends, roommates, etc.

We're not sure how well this document holds up in court, should your Netflix fights actually go that far. However, it does provide us with the hope that maybe it will bring an end to a lot of irritated binge-watching companions.

With so many new shows and movies hitting Netflix's lineup this month, this contract couldn't have come at a better time.

What do you think of Netflix's "co-watching contract"? Sound off in the comments below!

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