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10 new alternative artists already backed by your favorite musicians

Sometimes, it’s the musicians we are already obsessed with who introduce us to some of our favorite new bands in unexpected ways. 

Whether it’s through collaborations or social media shoutouts, musicians are often the people who recommend music to us the most, which makes sense because it’s their job to be in tune with emerging talent. 

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Artists such as Halsey, Travis Barker, Billie Eilish and more have been more than happy to share their favorite songs with fans from smaller, up-and-coming artists who often end up blowing up big. 

Because we’re always looking for songs to add to our playlists, we found 10 new bands already backed by our favorite artists. You can check that out below.

Meet Me @ The Altar


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Meet Me @ The Altar have one of the most highly anticipated debut albums. Ahead of its release, they’ve already hit a million streams on Spotify, despite only releasing two singles in 2020, and have acquired a pretty famous fanbase. The all-female, all-POC pop-punk trio have been backed by All Time Low’s Alex Gaskarth and were recipients of Halsey’s Black Creators Fund, so our faves are definitely just as excited as we are for this debut, hopefully coming out sometime this year. 

Ben Chandler

Ben Chandler made his name known last year, releasing his breakthrough EP, Sweet Dreams, Sweet Heart, which is filled with songs that lighten the mood. And he’s started out 2021 strong, releasing his Transitions EP in February. Featured on the EP is “Addicted 2 U,” which was co-produced by Mike Freesh (Oliver Tree), and the entire output just radiates good vibes through catchy choruses and guitar melodies. He’s also close friends and collaborators with Dominic Fike, and you can definitely hear Fike’s influence in Chandler’s sound. 


L.A.-based singer-songwriter Skullcrusher (Helen Ballentine) not only makes music for Phoebe Bridgers fans but apparently also for Bridgers herself. In an interview with GQ, Bridgers says she puts “Places/Plans” from Ballentine’s 2020 self-titled EP on playlists for “every platonic crush [she’s] ever had,” so it has to be good. And once you start listening to Skullcrusher, you’ll be dying for a collab from these two artists ASAP.

100 gecs

It’s hard to find an experimental group that have made as big of a splash in the past two years as 100 gecs. After the duo released their debut album, 1000 gecs, in 2019, they have hit the ground running, collaborating with artists such as Fall Out Boy, Craig Owens, 3OH!3 and more. Their electro-pop sound is futuristic, hyper-meta and completely addicting, so take some time to listen to their discography to get what all the hype is about.



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U.K.based rapper MEHKI RAINE, formerly known as Crooks, started his music career with a bang—releasing five albums in just three years. Not only does he have an impressive discography, but he also has a major fan—Billie Eilish. Eilish has previously said the rapper is on “another level” than everyone else, and he even featured in her song (and music video) “bury a friend” from her Grammy-winning debut album. 


Brooklyn-based group Proper. are changing the landscape of emo not only with their sound but with their message. And they’re getting a lot of attention, particularly from Dan Campbell of the Wonder Years. Campbell co-produced a track last year with the band called “Don’t,” which centers on racial inequality, police brutality and the everyday fears people of color face in the U.S. And their latest track “Aficionado” takes on hookup culture and relationships from an LGBTQIA+ point of view.

Magnolia Park

Pop-punkers Magnolia Park are gearing up to drop their first mixtape this March, and it has quite a packed roster of collaborators for a debut. Dream Eater features collaborations with Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens, Oliver Baxxter of Broadside and more. The band released a few singles that give us a glimpse at the mixtape, and their songs are reminiscent of acts such as Neck Deep and Movements but with a twist all their own. 

Up From Here


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And if you’re looking for even more new pop-punk bands to add to your playlist, look no further than Up From Here. The band have All Time Low’s approval, as Rian Dawson produced, engineered and mixed their second EP, Words Left Unsaid. And apparently, they just recorded with Dan Swank from All Time Low, so we’ll have to wait to see what’s coming. The Florida-based band are gearing up to drop their first full-length, which is guaranteed to be filled with high-energy tracks made for live shows. If you haven’t started listening yet, what are you waiting for?

Zero 9:36

Rapper-turned-rocker Zero 9:36’s music is aggressive and addictive. The Philadelphia-based artist just released his second EP, …If You Don’t Save Yourself, featuring blink-182 drummer Travis Barker, Hollywood Undead and more. It’s dark, explosive and enticing for anyone whose favorite type of music is the loud kind that scares their neighbors, roommates and anyone in earshot for that matter.