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1. Gavin Haley – “2FU”

For fans of: Greyson Chance, Nightly and Loote

Singer-songwriter Gavin Haley shared his new single “2FU” this week via Red Bull Records. His melodic indie-meets-hip-hop track is paired with a music video set in the desert where Haley sages himself and cleans up some litter left behind by passersby. Haley shared that the song was inspired by a rough period of his life. “In 2018, I didn't leave my apartment for like that whole year, besides to go to the studio and get food,” he says. “I was just in another world, dealing with health problems. I felt so isolated from everything, but I didn't have the energy to be there for anyone but myself, not even close friends.” This track serves as the follow-up to a series of singles released earlier this year, including “Tati” featuring Yung Pinch and “The World Keeps Spinning On.”

2. Mrs. Piss – “Downer Surrounded By Uppers”

For fans of: Cherry Glazerr, Diet Cig and Charly Bliss

California rock ’n’ roll power duo Mrs. Piss comprise vocalist Chelsea Wolfe and drummer Jess Gowrie (Horseneck). Combining their rock, metal and punk backgrounds, the two shared their new singles “Downer Surrounded By Uppers” and “Knelt.” Wolfe revealed what she hopes to do in the future, saying, “This project was a chance for us to do things our own way, on our own terms, and we plan to invite more women musicians along for future Mrs. Piss recordings.” The duo announced their debut album, Self-Surgery, will arrive May 29 featuring eight original songs. Preorders are available here.  

3. Spielbergs – “Go!”

For fans of: pronoun, Dogleg and Spanish Love Songs

Norwegian indie rockers Spielbergs shared their brand-new single “Go!” via Adult Swim Singles. Pop-punk influences meld with explosive rock chords and vocals in the new song to give listeners a sense of nostalgia. This single serves as the trio’s first new music since their 2019 EP, Running All The Way Home. "I don’t know where the fuck I’m going. So I just keep doing what I’ve always done. Going nowhere,” frontman/guitarist Mads Baklien shared of the track.  

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4. Sunsleep – “Dead”

For fans of: Tilian, Picturesque and Dayseeker

Rock quintet Sunsleep released their new song “Dead,” the follow-up to their 2019 track, “Drifting Away.” The urgent vocals, powerful riffs and compelling basslines are reminiscent of Tilian. “‘Dead’ is about facing the ugly side of escapism,” frontman Devin Barrus says of the track. “Using the metaphorical value of seeing part of yourself ‘dying’ akin to realizing that you can hardly face reality anymore.”

5. Blackout Balter – “Red Letter”

For fans of: Culture Wars, the Black Moods and Secret Club

Nashville alternative quintet Blackout Balter channeled classic-rock vibes into their new song, “Red Letter.” The track features catchy, raw vocals and energetic riffs combined with booming percussion reminiscent of acts such as the Killers and the Black Keys. The band recently announced their debut album, Animal, which is set to arrive July 24. 

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6. Teenage Priest – “Innocent”

For fans of: Dreamer Boy, binki and Goth Babe

Taylor Van Ginkel is the mind behind Los Angeles-based indie project Teenage Priest as well as a touring musician with Bishop Briggs. His latest song “Innocent” offers listeners relaxing vibes with surf-rock guitar chords and laid-back vocals. He even shares duties with his girlfriend, who recorded background vocals. Ginkel shared the meaning of “Innocent,” saying it’s “about a euphoric and undeserved innocent feeling you get when you’re with a mutual/partner.”

7. Sundressed – “Home Remedy”

For fans of: Homebound, Point North and WSTR

Arizona’s Sundressed just signed to Rude Records and shared their new single, “Home Remedy.” The track catches listeners’ attention immediately with loud garage-rock guitars, which morph into punk vocals and an energetic climax. The song comes at the perfect time for many regarding coronavirus. “Many of us don't have health insurance or a lot of money, so we've had to find creative ways to solve or at least tolerate our problems,” vocalist Trevor Hedges says of the track. “For me, Sundressed and the community we've built around us is my remedy.” The band will release the follow-up to 2017’s A Little Less Put Together later this year.

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8. Becko – “Self Destruction”

For fans of: Raizer, Sunset Neon and Fight The Fade

Hailing from Italy, emo-rock musician Becko shared his new track “Self Destruction” from his recently released EP of the same name. The EP also features his singles “Unbreakable” and “Cyberfriend.” This track showcases his producing skills and how he combines EDM and hip hop-influences with metal and rock, crafting a unique song that encompasses a wide array of genres. 

9. Careful Gaze – “Sunrooms”

For fans of: Hot Mulligan, Locket and Can’t Swim

Minneapolis’ Careful Gaze shared their new song and music video for “Sunrooms.” This is their third single this year following the release of “Thrones” and “Goals.” In “Sunrooms,” the indie outfit have a calming energy in the beginning with sweet, airy vocals and simple guitar melodies. Then the song amps up with raw screams and cries reflective of hardcore musicians, flawlessly mixing two contrasting genres. 

10. Father Deer Hands – “Make Me Feel”

For fans of: Thornhill, Trophy Eyes and Like Pacific 

Based out of Sydney, punk-rock quartet Father Deer Hands released their sophomore song “Make Me Feel,” a follow-up to their debut “No Happy Endings.” The new single explores their punk sound with heavy guitars, emotive rock vocals and rowdy drums. “There is so much more to life than that job you weren't good enough for, those fair-weather friends and the love you lost,” frontman Matthew Betmalik says of the track. “There is something more than this. It's within all of us.”