It looks like Underoath may have a big announcement on the way.

This week, the band unveiled a few cryptic clues that are causing a lot of fans to theorize about what Underoath have in store for 2021. 

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Just like so many other artists, the coronavirus pandemic derailed Underoath’s plans in 2020. After various tour delays, Slipknot canceled their entire summer tour run with Underoath because of the COVID-19 crisis. As a result, Underoath had to rethink their plans last year. 

Back in November, Chris Dudley told Metal Sucks that Underoath actually planned to release their next album last fall. They originally anticipated recording the new LP ahead of their tour run with Slipknot. However, those plans quickly changed. 

“Full disclosure, our plan initially was to hit the studio before the Slipknot tour last summer and have a song out on that tour and probably put the record out in the fall,” he said. “We kind of had this whole thing lined up. But then Covid came into the picture and we’re realizing, ‘Man, [we are] under no time table to put this thing out.’”

As a result, Underoath spent the latter part of 2020 taking their time writing and recording their new material.

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“So we actually had a talk a little while back and we were like, ‘we could sit on these songs for a bit and refine them and come up with other ideas and just kind of see if we push recording a little bit, what could come from that,’” he said. “Honestly, it’s been very fruitful. It inevitably happens, whenever you record an album, not long after recording you have an idea. You’re like ‘Aww man, I wish we would have done this thing because that would have made it so much better.’”

Now, it looks like Underoath could finally be teasing their new music. On Wednesday, Underoath shared a series of cryptic clues that have led to a lot of fan theories. To start, the band posted an eyebrow-raising teaser with the words “want to watch?.”

As well, they have updated all of their photos on social media. Underoath’s signature logo now appears in a new design of purple, white and black ripples. Their Facebook header has also been changed to a new image with the words “Voyeurist” scattered throughout. 

underoath logo

[Photo via Facebook][/caption]

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Along with all of this, Underoath’s official website directs viewers to a cryptic website with a continuous livestream. Throughout the stream, fans can see members of Underoath appearing in and out frame in what appears to be a recording studio.

All of the sudden changes and clues have sparked a lot of fan theories about Underoath could be teasing. Some believe they may be launching a new livestream event. Last year, Underoath performed a few of their most classic albums in full for their OBSERVATORY virtual concert series. Then, in November, they unleashed their Lost In The Sound Of Separation livestream set in full for fans to enjoy over and over again.

Along with those theories, some fans speculate Underoath are gearing up to release new music or even their next album.

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What do you think Underoath are teasing? Let us know in the comments below.