Not that we needed more reasons to love BABYMETAL, but the band have announced more details about their upcoming graphic novel.

Learn more about the book and check out a sneak peek of Apocrypha: The Legend of BABYMETAL below!

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The graphic novel explores the mythology of BABYMETAL by telling the story of the Fox God, an entity highlighted in the band’s music an performances. He takes the three protagonists on a journey in space and time, from prehistoric Kyoto to contemporary New York City, to defeat forces of darkness and division.

Are you as excited to read it as we are?

The standard edition of the graphic novel hits stores Oct. 30. Plus, there’s a deluxe edition, which includes a collectible box and three original prints, will be available exclusively online.

You can keep up with updates on Twitter and Instagram.

If you’re already counting the days until Oct. 30, check out a sneak peek of the graphic novel below:

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