After deleting all of their Instagram posts, blink-182 fans are speculating the band are announcing something new.

The band’s account is currently blank, but yesterday, drummer Travis Barker started the rumour mill with a drum clip from a studio.

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Whether or not the band are releasing a new song or announcing an album is still unclear, but some fans are speculating they will slowly release a new album cover. Mark Hoppus recently said the band will have a new album out early in the summer.

Hoppus also said the band are trying out new song structures while writing this album.

“We’re trying to get away from picking up an acoustic guitar and starting a song that way,” he said. “We’ve been writing songs based around beats that Travis (Barker) has come up with, or maybe just a keyboard line or one little guitar riff and building around that.”

The band worked with producer Pharrell Williams on one of the upcoming songs that they called “sing-along happy punk rock.”

Hoppus has given fans a ton of clues about the upcoming record, saying it may go in some “completely weird directions.” He also stated that he hopes to guide the album into experimentative territory akin to their untitled 2003 full-length.

When the band released their 2016 record California, they teased fans with pieces of the artwork over several days. If they’re going a similar route, we could be in for a big announcement in the near future. Take a look at how people online are reacting below.

UPDATE: Barker later revealed the release date of his upcoming collab with $uicideboy$. The band account commented the same emoji seen in Barker’s above post, sending fans into another string of theories. Check out the full story here.

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Hoppus has also discussed bringing back his classic ‘Enema’ era bass if the band does more anniversary shows.

While blink are preparing their latest album, former frontman Tom DeLonge released a new Angels & Airwaves track.

Are you prepared for new blink-182 material? Let us know how excited you are in the comments.

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