cardi b
[photo via Twitter]

Cardi B’s on-point video about the government shutdown just got even more amazing.

The rapper went viral when she posted an Instagram rant about the government shutdown. Someone took her frustrations and turned it into an amazing song you need to hear right now.

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“I don’t want to hear y’all motherfuckers talking about ‘Oh, but Obama shutdown the government for 17 days'” she says in the video. “Yeah, bitch! For healthcare! Our country is in a hellhole right now. All for a fucking wall.”

The Gregory Brothers, a group of artists who make songs out of random things, set Cardi B’s rant to the tune of “Bodak Yellow” and the rest is now history. You can check it out for yourself below.

In case you’re not in the loop, you can also watch Cardi’s original video below.

Honestly even if you didn’t care about politics, this is too good not to like and it’ll definitely be stuck in our heads for days.

People asked for the Gregory Brothers to put the full song on a streaming service, but they need the green light from the Bronx rapper herself.

See how people reacted to the hilarious song on Twitter below.

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