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Hellboy is a literal demon. Thanos is an all-powerful being with the power of the Infinity Stones. Who would win in an intellectual brawl?

According to David Harbour, who actually plays Hellboy, his money’s on the demon himself. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Harbour elaborated on why he believes Hellboy could definitely challenge Thanos (portrayed by Josh Brolin) and emerge victorious.

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“I mean it’d be a good fight,” said Harbour. “That Thanos guy is pretty powerful, but I think Hellboy would win the emotional fight by just making fun of the very serious way he takes himself and the way he takes himself in his Malthusian philosophies. I think Hellboy would have a field day with that and cut him down to size with one-liners.”

In the meantime, what do you think? Could Hellboy really give Thanos a run for his money – maybe if Thanos had his powers disabled and couldn’t just “snap” him away, right?

But while Hellboy sounds like he’s got the smarts to totally take Thanos for a ride, the reboot of the Mike Mignola character’s origin story hasn’t done so well in theaters. That doesn’t seem to bother Harbour, though, who’s got his eye on his next potential project: the solo Black Widow movie he’s been rumored to be a part of.

“Yeah man, like I want to do the movie,” Harbour revealed. “[Marvel would] kick me out so fast…[if I reveal anything]. Look here’s what I will say. It’s being directed by this woman Kate Shortland who is a phenomenal director. She directed a movie called Lore. She’s a phenomenal director, so what’s really exciting to me about it is it’s gonna be like a real deep, interesting film. And so yeah, I’m just excited for it as a film as well as a superhero movie.”

Curious about Hellboy and Thanos? You can see Hellboy in theaters now. Avengers: Endgame is set to crash into theaters on April 26th. Not much longer to wait now!

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