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See Totally Kyle return in Drake Bell’s hilarious TikTok challenge

Drake Bell just brought back his iconic 'The Amanda Show' character.

May 26, 2020
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It’s been nearly 18 years since Nickelodeon‘s The Amanda Show starring Amanda Bynes went off the air. However, some of the show’s sketches and characters have stood the test of time including the “Totally Kyle” sketch which starred Drake Bell. Now, thanks to TikTok, Bell has brought back the iconic 2000s character.

In a new video this week, Bell reprises his “Totally Kyle” role for the viral Wipe It Down TikTok challenge.

From 1999-2002, Bell, who is also known from Drake & Joshplayed the goofy, shaggy-headed guitarist Kyle on The Amanda Show. Although he wasn’t the smartest character to appear on the Nickelodeon series, Kyle was still a charming, musical and funny guy who would fit perfectly in a surf-rock band.

Now, Bell is using his TikTok platform to bring back the iconic character we still remember from so many years ago. This week, Bell took part in TikTok’s new viral Wipe It Down challenge. The idea behind the challenge is rather simple. The video begins with someone wearing one outfit and as they wipe down a mirror, they appear in a new look. As they keep wiping however, their original outfit reappears all while the song “Wipe It Down” by BMW KENNY plays.

In Bell’s video, which has been liked over 700,000 times so far, Bell appears as normal before his classic Totally Kyle character appears on the screen.

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Diehard The Amanda Show fans quickly flocked to Twitter to share their reactions to Bell’s latest TikTok video.

“Totally Kyle…damn that’s old school Drake Bell. I wholeheartedly approve,” @PrimaryPlaythru tweets.

“So, I watched the @DrakeBell/Totally Kyle TikTok. I’m not okay, I think I’m concussed by how hard the nostalgia just hit me,” @xotaralynn1 tweets.

“Okay but Drake Bell bringing back Totally Kyle has made my year,” @jemmamichaelx tweets.

Now, this isn’t the first time Bell has reprised Totally Kyle since The Amanda Show ended. Back in 2017, he did a sketch for iHeartRadio to promote his EP Honest.

You can watch a clip of Bell as Totally Kyle on The Amanda Show below.

Bell has continued to throw it back to his previous roles over the years. Last year, he sat down with Drake & Josh co-star Josh Peck and they reacted to old videos of themselves. Following rumors that a Drake & Josh reboot was in the works last year, Bell and Peck revealed that they are working on a new project together. However, the new project has nothing to do with a possible Drake & Josh reboot.

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Bell also recently appeared in the 2017 movie American Satan alongside Black Veil BridesAndy Biersack, Asking Alexandria‘s Ben Bruce, BooBoo Stewart and many more. An American Satan spinoff series called Paradise City is set to premiere sometime this year.

Along with acting roles, Bell is continuing to make music. In February, he released his latest album The Lost Album.

What do you think of Drake Bell bringing back Totally Kyle? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Written by Rachael Dowd