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Fyre Festival and blink-182’s ongoing lawsuit is finally over

The doomed festival is trying to win back the $14.4 million originally paid to its lineup and influencers.

September 18, 2020
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Fyre Festival and blink-182‘s ongoing lawsuit is finally over.

This week, the failed festival settled its lawsuits with blink-182, Major Lazer, Disclosure, Tyga and Pusha T.

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Following the complete disaster that was Fyre Festival in 2017, the festival filed various lawsuits. These suits were in an attempt to win back the $14.4 million originally paid to its lineup and influencers. According to Variety, Gregory Messer, the trustee of the Fyre Festival bankruptcy, filed these lawsuits in efforts to get back funds specifically for the event’s investors.

Some of the artists’ agencies decided to settle while others decided to go to court. One of these lawsuits involved blink-182 and the return of the $500,000 paid to the band. blink-182 were scheduled to play the 2017 festival, but canceled both their performances for logistical issues. At the time, the band said they weren’t confident they’d have adequate resources to provide fans with a quality show.

Following the lawsuit filing, blink-182’s agency, Creative Artist Agency, decided to go to court to settle the suit in December 2019.

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“Blink-182 had already been paid $500,000 when it canceled at the last minute,” the statement said. “The band has retained those funds. In its cancellation tweet, the band did not disclose to its fans and others any of the problems that it was having with Fyre Festival and its management, or that the Festival appeared to be in serious trouble.”

Now, blink-182’s lawsuit has officially been settled. According to Billboard, Messer has collected over $360,000 of the money paid to artists that were set to play the festival.

Within this amount is the sum returned from Creative Artist Agency. blink-182’s agency received $585,000 from Fyre Festival, $500,000 of which went to blink-182. The agency has now returned $135,000.

Along with this, Paradigm artists including Disclosure and Major Lazer have returned $225,000 to Fyre Festival. The artists originally received $1.5 million for their appearances at the doomed 2017 festival. Nue Agency has also returned $100,000. $50,000 came from Pusha T, $25,000 from Desiigner and $20,000 from Tyga.

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These lawsuits are just a few that have emerged from Fyre Festival. More recently, the festival’s co-founder Ja Rule was dismissed from his $100 million lawsuit. A group of festival attendees filed the suit against founder Billy McFarland and Ja Rule. However, the case was dropped in November 2019.

Fyre Festival also filed lawsuits against influencers including Kendall Jenner and Emily Ratajkowski. Back in May, we learned that Jenner still managed to profit off of the failed festival despite the lawsuit.

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Jenner was paid $275,000 for one post on Instagram (now-deleted) promoting the festival. However, she denied all liability in the event and agreed to pay back $90,000 of the original $275,000 she was given. That’s just shy of one-third of her earnings so she still made $185,000 off of Fyre Festival and it never even happened.

As well, in July, US Marshals seized various pieces of Fyre Festival merch from McFarland. As it turns out, he was hoarding the merchandise in hopes of selling it for profit in the future. The US Marshals, however, decided to auction off the merch to help reimburse the victims of Fyre Festival.

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Written by Rachael Dowd