Ghost band news recap
[Photo by: Mikael Eriksson]

Quite often, heavy metal brandishes what some would identify as evil vibes, and various extreme metal subgenres’ attachments to the occult can harbor legendary backstories. But when asked flat-out if he’s a Satanist, mysterious Ghost frontman Cardinal Copia (a.k.a. Tobia Forge) replies that he “wouldn’t sacrifice a baby to a half-ram that [he] believe[s] to be living in the underground” in a new interview with the Sacramento News & Review.

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“Ever since [Anton] LaVey and pop-cultural Satanism,” opines the enigmatic Ghost leader formerly known as Papa Emeritus, “when that rose in the latter of the part of ’60s with the Church of Satan, and Black Sabbath and Black Widow and Coven and that sort of hippie Satanism, which at the end of the day, heavy metal, black metal, all that is based upon that cultural Satanism. … I grew up with that.” But what’s that about sacrificing babies?

Well, despite any concerns about religious paranoia or “Satanic panic,” Copia confirms he “would definitely say that culturally, I am definitely, for lack of better way of putting it, I’m a devil-liking kind of guy” but warns he “wouldn’t sacrifice a baby to a half-ram that I believe to be living in the underground.” Gotcha: he may like the devil, but he won’t be killing any children. “And I would never ever encourage anyone to do that,” he adds.

“I wouldn’t sacrifice a baby to a half-ram that I believe to be living in the underground.” —Cardinal Copia

And while we’re happy the Ghost mastermind won’t be sacrificing any infants, all this devil talk sure brings to mind that awesome YouTube video where Werid Satanist Guy interviews Copia (or Forge, under the guise of one of his act’s Nameless Ghouls) in hilariously awkward fashion. Let’s relive that classic clip, shall we? Sound off in the comments, below.

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