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Good Dye Young products to be sold at Sephora, we can’t wait

Getting our fave hair dye is about to get a lot easier!

September 28, 2018
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It looks like getting our hands on Good Dye Young hair dye is going to be much easier starting this October.

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That’s right colorful hair lovers, Good Dye Young will officially be sold online at Sephora starting next month!

Starting Oct. 2, dye-hard hair colorists will be able to get their favorite Good Dye Young products, including their Poser Paste hair makeup and their Semi-Permanent hair colors, at Sephora.

Taking to Twitter to share the good news, Hayley Williams posted the news with a simple, yet sweet message (and Hayley, we are EMOTIONAL about this too.)

The news of Good Dye Young hitting Sephora’s shelves comes just days after the announcement of their new Poser Paste hair makeup shades.

“Introducing 4 new shades of #PoserPaste to complete your lineup!” the outfit tweeted on Tuesday, Sept. 25. “Rock Lobster, Kowabunga, Narwhal, and PPL Eater are here to help you #dyehappy.” Call us posers, but we want them all!

The new shades join the charity-minded business‘ other Poser Paste pigments such as “Steal My Sunshine,” “Ex-Girl,” “Blue Ruin” and the cantaloupe-colored, Paramore-themed “Riot” style that debuted with the company’s 2016 launch.

We’re beyond excited for this store launch, and we’ll be racking up our Sephora Beauty Insider rewards in the process!

Have you used any Good Dye Young products in the past? What colors are you planning on trying next? Sound off in the comments section below and tell us what product is your favorite to use!

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