Remember when Grayscale sent us all into a panic after staging drummer Nick Veno’s departure for a hilarious music video? Well it looks like the band have a few more tricks up their sleeves, sending fans tiny, crumbled up strips of paper in the mail containing nothing more than a simple password—a password that unlocks a preview for a brand new song.

Our hearts can’t handle this.

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The chaos all started yesterday with a simple tweet coming from Grayscale’s account.

For those who don’t know, Grayscale AA stands for Grayscale All Access. Members of the group often receive some really cool benefits such as early access to merch, exclusive photos and more.

The tweet immediately triggered fans, who knew something had to be up. Upon checking their mailboxes, quite a few fans were in for a very weird surprise.

Fans were a bit baffled when they received an envelope with nothing more than a tiny strip of paper inside.

After straightening out this crumbled piece of paper, fans realized it contained a password: “painkillerweather”

Grayscale AA members soon received an email providing them with a link—a link that when clicked on, asked for a password.

Upon entering the password, fans were given a 48-second preview of a brand new song, “Painkiller Weather.”

We need this new track ASAP and judging by fans’ reactions, they do too.

Who is Madison? Does this mean more new music is on the way? When will the single drop? We have questions that need to be answered.

Are you excited for some new music from Grayscale? Sound off in the comments below!

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