Billie Joe Armstrong may be trolled every October for the rest of his life, but it’s obviously worth it as “Wake Me Up When September Ends” has become an annual moneymaker for Green Day.

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Even though this year marks 13 Septembers since the song was released, it has remained in people’s minds thanks to its timely relevance every October.

According to YouTube, the track’s official music video sees a significant spike in daily views around the beginnings of September and October. In 2018, views went from roughly 50,000 each day to around 101,313 on Sept. 1, 103,669 on Sept. 30, and 107,058 on Oct. 1.

These figures more than doubled on these specific days when compared to an average day.

[Photo by: YouTube]
Last year, Lyor Cohen, Global Music Head at YouTube, said that the company pays about $0.003 per stream in royalties. That means that Green Day is making hundreds of dollars extra on those specific dates alone thanks to music video plays on Youtube.

Even though that may not seem like much, these figures are only taking streams on YouTube into account. The band is also seeing royalties from the song on Spotify and other streaming sites as well.

Similar to Christmas songs, the annual relevancy of a track can make it a long-term money maker. Every time someone goes back for a listen, Green Day is pocketing the rewards.

Why not give the song another listen now? Check out the video below:

Do you listen to “Wake Me Up When September Ends” every Sept and Oct? Sound off in the comments!

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