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Instagram is updating the video chat feature so you can connect with even more friends.

The feature lets you video chat with anyone you have an active direct message with.

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Instagram added the video chat feature in June, allowing users to video chat with anyone they have active direct messages with. Plus, up to four people could participate on the call.

The feature also allows you to multitask. So while you’re talking on the video chat, you can minimize the chat and still browse your page, post a story and more!

The company is making video chatting even better. Users can add even more friends to the group call with the update. Up to six people can now video chat in Instagram Direct.

To begin a new call, you need to go to your messages and click on + to start a new conversation. Then, you can select the friends you want to video chat with. Next, select the camera icon and your friends will be notified about the call.

Just a few weeks ago, Instagram rolled out another, more serious, feature. It’s now using artificial intelligence to root out bullying in photos and captions.

The new tech gives the ‘gram a better handle on in-app bullying. Artificial intelligence will assist in the effort to detect bullying on the platform, stepping in with machine learning where human detection often fails.

A fun new “kindness” camera effect accompanies the latest change, the latest face filter option a collaboration with teen dancer Maddie Ziegler.

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