J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter fans are well aware of author J.K. Rowling‘s annual apology taking place on May 2, the anniversary of The Battle of Hogwarts, in which she apologizes for the death of a character. However, as fans eagerly awaited Rowling’s apology tweet, they were left disappointed and confused when one never came.

While the author never posted an actual tweet, some fans noticed that her annual apology may have been through something much more subtle.

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Rowling began the apology tradition in 2014, where she stated how much she had hated killing off some of our beloved characters.

In 2015 she began individual apologies, starting with Fred Weasley. The next year she apologized for killing Remus Lupin, and in 2017 she apologized for Severus Snape.

Last year, her apology was dedicated to Dobby although as fans will recall, he did not die during the battle.

This year, fans eagerly awaited to see who Rowling would apologize for. May 2 came, and went, with no tweet from the author.

However, some noticed a header image change on Rowling’s Twitter which immediately sparked rumors of a more subtle apology.

Rowling changed her header to an image of a starry night sky. Fun fact: the brightest star in the night sky is called, you guessed it, Sirius.

Could this change be a more subtle apology for killing Sirius Black?

Rowling has not tweeted since the middle of March, perhaps she’s busy working on Fantastic Beasts 3 which recently got a release date after production delays.

We’re hoping Rowling makes a return to Twitter soon, as fans find some hilarious entertainment in her random Harry Potter facts.

Do you think Rowling’s header change is a subtle apology? Sound off in the comments below!

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