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Machine Gun Kelly crew members reportedly wanted for assaulting actor

The alleged assault happened in Atlanta in September.

October 17, 2018
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Three members of the Machine Gun Kelly crew are reportedly wanted for the assault of actor G-Rod in Atlanta last month.

The fight happened after the actor criticized the rapper at a bar following Kelly’s comments about Eminem‘s daughter.

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On Sept. 15, TMZ reported that MGK’s crew assaulted G-Rod, whose real name is Gabriel Rodriguez, in Atlanta.

According to the reports, Rodriguez walked up to Machine Gun Kelly and his crew at a bar and criticized the rapper for calling Eminem’s daughter hot. Rodriguez also recorded the moment and was reportedly kicked out of the bar a few minutes later.

Later that night, Rodriguez says he was walking to a hotel when he spotted MGK’s crew hanging outside. An argument started, but a police officer stepped in to assess the situation.

However, when Rodriguez went into the hotel lobby, MGK continued throwing insults at him. According to a video he shared, the actor then told Kelly’s bodyguards he’d fight them, which is when the crew reportedly started assaulting him. Machine Gun Kelly wasn’t involved in the fight.

On Oct. 4, TMZ shared a surveillance video that shows the assault happening. The footage shows MGK’s bodyguards going after Rodriguez, and then three more men from his crew come up and start punching the actor.

Now, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution is reporting that the three crew members who assaulted Rodriguez are wanted in Georgia. According to the newspaper, the Atlanta Police Department obtained battery warrants for Brandon “Slim” Allen, John “Rook” Cappellety and Lamar Reed.

Machine Gun Kelly/Eminem feud explained

In case you need a reminder, the beef started when Eminem surprise-released his Kamikaze LP Aug. 31. The rapper took aim at MGK (among others) in his track “Not Alike” where he brings up comments the former made about his daughter in 2012.

MGK responded to Eminem with the release of “Rap Devil” Sept. 3. Plus, Kells performed the track in Eminem’s home state and it later hit No. 1 on iTunes.

After teasing he was back in the studio and declaring he ”want[s] to destroy him,” Eminem most recently fired back with “Killshot” Sept. 14. The track ended up having the biggest rap debut in YouTube history and hit No. 3 on Billboard.

To add to the mess, a fake death rumor about MGK started circulating online this past weekend. Meme-makers, who are reportedly Eminem fans, shared a story on social media posing as reporters and saying Kelly died because of a drug called “Ligma”—which doesn’t exist.

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