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MoviePass is getting sued by a couple who claims that the service was all an elaborate “deceptive and unfair bait-and-switch scheme.”

Lawrence and Laurie Weinberger say that over the past 10 months, they were only able to see three movies. Because the service often didn’t provide any movies to actually see, the couple feels like they didn’t get their money’s worth. The pair each paid over $100 for their passes back in March of last year.

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According to Variety, MoviePass refused to issue a refund for the passes. Now in a lawsuit citing deceptive advertising and a breach of contract, the company seems to be in pretty hot water.

“Prior to purchasing a Subscription, Mr. Weinberger believed that a Subscription would provide him access to tickets to “any movie” in “any theater” on “any day,” up to one movie per day,” the legal document reads. “He believed he could use the Subscription to obtain “unlimited” tickets to movies in theaters, up to one movie per day.”

This is not the first time MoviePass has upset its patrons. Last summer, the company’s system crashed after running out of money.

After removing the unlimited plan and quickly reinstating it, the company was still in the red as of last May.

Additionally, after competitors AMC launched AMC Stubs A-List, MoviePass got involved with some major Twitter beef. However, due to a system malfunction, the company lost many customers to their competitor after their app wouldn’t let people check into movies.

Despite having a rough year in 2019, MoviePass recently launched new subscription plans in an effort to win back customers. All three tiers allow you to see three movies per month (up to 36 per year). However, the more you pay, the less restrictions on types and showtimes there are.

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