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MoviePass can’t seem to catch a break as their system crashed Thursday night due to running out of money.

After months of trouble, MoviePass were unable to process their user check-ins due to lack of funds according to parent company Helios and Matheson. Today, the company borrowed $5 million to pay its merchant and fulfillment processors who temporarily refused to process payments after Helios and Matheson missed a payment, according to CNN.

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The subscription service launched in 2011 but began gaining steam in 2014. Users pay a monthly fee to receive a card that permits them to check in and purchase movie tickets for no additional cost. Initially, the plans were offered at $35 for 2D films or $45 for Real3D and IMAX.

The company was catapulted to mainstream recognition in August 2017 when they announced a discounted plan for $9.95 per month, allowing for one movie per day each month excluding 3D, IMAX and other special engagements. The subscriber count quickly began rising, hitting 2 million in February 2018, but it soon became apparent they were struggling to keep up with demand.

In April 2018, they removed the unlimited plan, restricting users to one movie per week for the same $9.95 rate. They also rolled out a restriction where once a movie had been watched once, the same user couldn’t check in to watch the movie again. Additionally, the company began requesting that some users send proof of purchase by taking a picture of their ticket stub before they would be allowed to check in and watch another movie.

The unlimited plan was soon reinstated along with the addition of surge pricing for popular titles, but the company still reported a $40 million loss in May leading to business moves such as selling merch.

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In June, AMC announced AMC Stubs A-List, that allowed users up to three movies of any kind (including 3D and IMAX) per week for $19.95 per month. The move came after a feud with MoviePass where AMC threatened to sue and MoviePass later pulled the option to check in at some of their locations.

Obviously, MoviePass are not here for their new competitor.

After the events of last night, MoviePass seems to have bigger things to worry about as users took to social media to express their concerns: