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Post Malone, Hawthorne Heights collide in “I Fall Apart In Ohio” mashup

If you've ever wondered what Post Malone would sound like if he were in an emo band, you now have your answer.

October 1, 2019
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TwentyNineScene has been good to us, blessing us with the return of Scary Kids Scaring Kids and Go Radio. We’ve undergone an emo revival and proven that it was never really dead thanks to Matt Cutshall’s “felt emo might delete” videos. Now, our worlds are colliding as one YouTuber imagines what it would be like to toss Post Malone in an emo band.

Check out the incredible Hawthorne Heights mashup, “I Fall Apart In Ohio” below!

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YouTuber Call It Clarity has created a mashup that none of us knew we needed.

Taking Post Malone’s “I Fall Apart” and Hawthorne Heights’ “Ohio Is For Lovers,” the YouTuber created a track that sounds like it could be an actual song.

While we all know Posty was in a metal band (who covered Asking Alexandria) and once auditioned for Crown The Empire, this genre gives his vocals a new spin. If you’ve ever wondered what it would sound like if Posty was in an emo band instead, here’s your answer.

The mashup actually makes more sense than you’d think as even Hawthorne Heights themselves once said Posty would be a perfect fit for one of their tracks. Back in 2017, the band’s account reached out to the rapper with a proposition.

“Yo @PostMalone, We have a song that you would be perfect on,” they tweeted. “Could help people, and be a positive impact during dark times. Let’s go.”


While this isn’t that track and just a fun Internet mashup, Hawthorne Heights love of the rapper continued. In 2018, HH frontman JT Woodruff gave his own take on the now sampled Posty track.

Listen as worlds continue to collide with the “I Fall Apart In Ohio” mashup below.

More on Post Malone

Last week, French Montana released a new music video featuring Post Malone where the rapper is seen cruising motorcycles and stomping through a city as a giant version of himself.

Cardi B and Rvssian also feature on the track called “Writing on the Wall”.

Posty offers his signature vocals on the bumping new track. You can see the music video down below!

Post Malone recently dropped his highly-anticipated new album Hollywood’s Bleeding. The record features tons of collabs such as HalseyOzzy Osbourne and more. You can listen to Hollywood’s Bleeding in-full below.

Also, the rapper recently released a video for his track “Saint-Tropez” which is basically just one massive flex. In the video, Posty raps in front of expensive cars and mansions, all while he’s adorned in jewelry and drinking champagne.

What do you think of this Post Malone, Hawthorne Heights mashup? Sound off in the comments below!

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