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Snapchat reportedly back online after second major outage this month

Marking the second major outage this month, Snapchat users rushed to Twitter after being unable to send and receive snaps.

October 14, 2019
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Once again, Snapchat users fell victim to another round of outages earlier today. Users reported being unable to send chats and snaps, while others were unable to even open the app.

While Snapchat Support states the problem has since been resolved, many users are still reporting issues on Twitter.

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While Fortnite gamers have continued to freak out over the game disappearing into a black hole and remaining offline, Snapchat users found themselves in their own black hole.

Shortly after 8:00 a.m. PT today, users began reporting that they were unable to send snaps, receive snaps and refresh their feed.

According to DownDetector, over 18,000 people reported having issues with the app.

Of course, the outage immediately sent users to Twitter for the latest round of Snapchat jokes.

 Just over an hour later, Snapchat Support shared a tweet stating they had resolved the issues.

However, many users are still reporting problems.

This major outage follows only a few days since the last, when Snapchat went offline for hours Oct. 9.

According to DownDetector, users have been reporting issues with the app nearly every day this month.

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