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Season 14 of Supernatural is quickly taking shape, and it appears that classic slasher icons will

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In a recent interview with TVLine, co-showrunner Andrew Dabb has shared that the show’s fourth episode of Season 14 will pay homage to classic slasher movies from the ’80’s.

A plot for the upcoming slasher-themed episode has yet to be revealed, but we do know that we’ll see the Winchester brothers and others come face to face with incidents inspired by some of our favorite horror icons.

“Sam and Dean and our whole crew get involved in our homage to ’80s slasher movies,” Dabb teased to TV Line. “We’ve got some really cool gory stuff planned for that.”

The news of a possible theme isn’t something new for the show’s creators, who have tackled special themes, like their Scooby-Doo crossover, and it appears this slasher one will be added to the list.

Further details of the show’s upcoming season have been kept pretty quiet, but we do know that things will be pretty chaotic for the brothers this season.

The CW’s long-standing show has been to hell and back (quite literally) and it appears that the forthcoming season is bringing its biggest change yet: the multiple episode disappearance of one Winchester brother.

As we know, Dean’s body is now being used as the vessel of Michael, so, while it might look like Dean onscreen, we’re actually seeing Michael.

While we’re glad we still get to see Jensen Ackles portray a new character, we’re beyond devastated we won’t be seeing much of the quick-witted charmer that is Dean Winchester for a better part of the season.

That’s not the only big changes for the show. It was previously reported that the show won’t be as long as it has been for its other seasons.

In a new report from TVLine, it has been confirmed that the forthcoming season will air only 20 episodes, which is three episodes less than the show’s normal 23-episode run.

Be sure to catch Supernatural when it returns to the CW on Oct. 11!

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