Taylor Swift performs live in concert.
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Do you know how many times Taylor Swift tweeted this year? If you guessed 13, you’re absolutely correct! It seems the pop star is sticking to her lucky number when it comes to her recent tweeting. And that earned her Most Influential Women on Twitter in 2018, according to the annual list from social media analysis company Brandwatch.

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That’s right. With an “influencer score” of 98—which is the value gained from a selection of Twitter criteria based on post engagement, per the company—Swift comes out on top of fellow female celebrity tweeters such as Katy Perry (with an influencer score of 96), Kim Kardashian West (96), Demi Lovato (96) and Ellen Degeneres (95).

As for the most influential men? The top 5 are One Direction‘s Liam Payne (97), Donald Trump, (96) Justin Bieber (95), Barack Obama (95) and Cristiano Ronaldo (95), as noted by CNET. Bieber, like Taylor Swift, “rarely uses Twitter and yet he’s able to generate a huge amount of engagement,” says Brandwatch data journalist Gemma Joyce.

The results are weighed by what the company calls genuine engagement. “This is a measure of how influential an account is over time, based on the level of genuine engagement they are creating. While lots of followers, retweets and replies will help, the more influential the people they engage with, the better the score,” adds Joyce.

All of that essentially boils down to Swift’s Twitter star being so bright that it doesn’t really matter the number of tweets she posts. With only 13 for the year, huge numbers of fans still engaged with each of the “Shake It Off” singer’s tweets.

The posted numbers don’t include retweets from Swift and the other figures. But it all seems to show that infrequent tweeting works like a charm in keeping engagement up for famous entertainers. After all, Swift’s most recent post was in June:

What do you think about Taylor Swift’s 13 tweets this year? Do you follow any of these influential celebs on the social media service? Sound off in the comments section, down below, and let us know how many times you tweeted this year!

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