Toto and Weezer

You know that feeling when a good joke is really funny, but then it becomes progressively less so as it gets continually hammered into the ground with repeated utterances? That’s what this whole Toto/Weezer cover-fest feels like, amirite?!

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Weezer covered Toto because a fan on Twitter launched a viral campaign specifically requesting the Rivers Cuomo-led band cover the ’80s rockers’ hit “Africa.” Instead, they covered “Rosanna.” Then they covered “Africa.” OK, yes.

And that “Africa” cover was good. Really good. It almost felt like the first time Weezer had triumphed commercially (if not, gulp, creatively) since “Pork And Beans.” But have we gone through the looking glass on these kitschy covers?

Yesterday, Toto announced they’re returning the favor with a cover of Weezer’s 2001 single “Hash Pipe.” Only they just announced it, they didn’t release it. Today, live footage of the band hashing out their Weez cover made its way online.

So, yeah, we still have a little bit to go until Toto’s studio version of “Hash Pipe” is released. (We would put our money on a drop sometime next week.) Then, maybe this whole thing will be over. And we can go back to ignoring Toto.

Honestly, the rains have probably been blessed enough by now.

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