New photos show how many people actually watched Trapt’s recent gig

Trapt performed in South Dakota with Smash Mouth last weekend.

August 13, 2020
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Last week, Trapt and Smash Mouth performed at the Sturgis Buffalo Chip Rally in South Dakota. The event was at the center of controversy since the majority of the crowd did not wear masks or social distance amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Following the event, photos emerged that revealed how few people came out for Trapt’s performance. Soon after, Trapt released a photo that seemingly rebutted the idea that their show had a small turnout. Now, the band are accused of cropping a photo that shows a misleading number of people in the crowd.

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This year’s Buffalo Chip is expected to draw 250,000 people. However, it looks like only a small percentage of that number showed up for Trapt’s show last weekend. One of the first photos to emerge from their performance showed only a few people in the crowd.

Shortly after this, Trapt shared their own photos that appear to show a larger audience than the first image originally presented.

Trapt further defended their crowd turnout after it was suggested again that no one actually showed up.

“Within minutes of the first note of that song it was like this… you are full of bullied little boys who grew up and now want to turn the tables.”

In typical internet fashion, many began to draw attention to the massive gaps in Trapt’s crowd and the fact that most weren’t paying attention to the band.

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Then, on Aug. 12, Trapt shared a full view photo from their performance. The photo seems to be a screenshot from a video someone took while they played “Headstrong.” Some argue that the people in the crowd were only there because it was the end of Trapt’s set which meant another band was about to come on stage.

Then, for some reason, Trapt shared the same photograph again. Only this time, they cropped the image and added a filter to make it seem like the crowd was larger than it actually was.

A video from the same perspective as Trapt’s original photos from the event was also released. However, the video doesn’t help Trapt out too much.

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Along with this, the album sales debate for Trapt’s latest release Shadow Work has also reemerged. Last month, it was reported that only 600 copies of the album were sold in its first week. Since the figures were released, Trapt have disputed this information. Now, the band say they are approaching on 4,000 albums sold.

“Either way we are approaching 4k albums sold, costs have been paid off and we’re nearing 2 million streams and adding 150k a week. We’re good, man. You need to accomplish just one thing before you talk about anyone else…”

Trapt then, of course, decided to bring up Donald Trump while disputing that their album didn’t sell well.

“You’re a total moron. The same idiot who says trump lied 16k times. Your side is going to get crushed in November. With the physical sales we didn’t get counted til 3rd week we would have been around 2500 sold 1st week, which is great for a band who is completely 100% independent.”

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Trapt then admit to looking at their own album sale figures wrong and say they are “doing great” considering they only had Facebook to promote the album.

“I was looking at a set of numbers wrong, so was off by 1000. We basically had FB only to promote our album and could only hit 10% of the people who have liked the page total. We are doing great considering. I just find it funny how anonymous cowards use twitter. Total losers.”

How many people do you think actually turned up for Trapt’s recent gig? Let us know in the comments below.

Written by Rachael Dowd