Nirvana‘s Krist Novoselic came to Nickelback's defense the other day after Fox News took a shot at the band and he's followed up with another message to Republicans.

The bassist, who is also involved in politics, tweeted a response to the story that originally ran with a message for the POTUS and congress to focus on politics instead of grunge bands.

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To backtrack, President Donald Trump baffled the internet after tweeting a Nickelback meme mocking former Vice President Joe Biden. The tweet was pulled down due to copyright infringement.

Then, writer Parker Molloy dug up an old clip of Fox News editor Chris Stirewalt attempting to be funny in reaction to the House debate. Stirewalt clearly has no idea who Nickelback even is, or what genre they are based on the comment made.

“Nickelback is like socialism,” Stirewalt says “Our generation and prior generations fought hard against the scourge of Nickelback and to show what the dangers are of emo-pop ballad ’90s rock.”

After the story started making its way across social media, the Nirvana bassist responded in another tweet. He points out that there are financial issues politicians should be more concerned about than what rock bands are doing.

While we don't necessarily agree with his assessment of Nickelback as a grunge band, he isn't wrong about the rest of his message.

What do you think of the Nirvana bassist's followup to the Nickelback political issues? Let us know in the comments below.

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