Ozzy Osbourne recently revealed that he didn’t expect to make it past the age of 40, and while he may think of death quite a bit, that isn’t stopping fans from making a petition for the vocalist to be knighted.

That’s right: There’s currently a petition asking for signatures so The Prince Of Darkness may receive knighthood.

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Helen Maidiotis made the petition in 2014, but it has recently picked up traction. It’s apparently not the first attempt of its kind.

“This petition is being launched in support of my ongoing campaign to Knight Ozzy Osbourne. This is the third attempt at gathering worldwide support through a petition for Mr. Osbourne,” the petition states. “I believe that with the world wide fan base he has this will make a huge impact on the final outcome of our nomination. So please sign today! Spread the word far and wide!!! We need to be heard loud and clear that this campaign is not over!”

Maidiotis goes on to explain the contributions Osbourne has made in music from Black Sabbath’s beginnings to current day.

“For 5 decades Mr Osbourne has entertained the world with his music,” the petition continues. “He has worked tirelessly in bringing us the very best in entertainment from the days as the original front man for Black Sabbath in 1968, till the present day with his endless stamina, drive and commitment in the music business.”

She goes on to mention all the awards the vocalist has received. These include stars on the Birmingham Walk Of Stars and the Hollywood Walk Of Fame, as well as being invited to play at The Queen's Jubilee and at The Royal Variety Performance at Buckingham Palace. Maidiotis also mentions his contributions to charities, Ozzfest and how Osbourne continues to make moves in the music industry.

“His music can be heard playing in major sports arenas and many have made a living by creating their own tribute bands and playing both cover versions of his music or playing their own influenced by Mr Osbourne's music. Many musicians had launched their careers from the most successful music festival to date that he founded in the ’90s called 'Ozzfest.' As he turns 70 at the end of 2018, he is still going strong with many more projects planned.

“So I ask you today, along with the thousands of other people who have been supporting my campaign throughout the last 5 years and have signed the previous two petitions,” the petition concludes. “To please consider Mr Osbourne and grant him the honour of a knighthood for his services to music and charity over the last 5 decades.”

The goal is to get 5,000 signatures and currently has over 4,500 at time of writing. You can check out the petition here.

Will you be signing the petition to make Ozzy Osbourne a knight? Let us know in the comments below!

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