Well, here's a new fact: Post Malone loves Olive Garden as much as we do.

In a new skit on the Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, Post took host Jimmy Fallon to his favorite restaurant, where the rapper showed Fallon just how amazing (and free) Olive Garden is.

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“I’ve not been monetarily compensated by Olive Garden to do or say anything,” Post shared at the start of the hilarious seven-minute segment.

Noting that the restaurant is Post's favorite, Fallon – who has never been - wore his best olive green pants for the special occasion. From that point forward, Post and Fallon experienced the unlimited amount of breadsticks and salad, a few free wine samples and a “laundry basket of croutons.”

While that might seem like a lot, that's not the only thing the rapper and Fallon experienced at the restaurant.

Fallon, who was amazed at the amount of free stuff one gets, also learned how to eat breadsticks "Post Malone style" while also trying to guess whether or not Post likes ketchup or mustard.

Then, just when you thought all of these Olive Garden happenings were over, Fallon revealed the real reason the duo came to the Italian chain restaurant. At the end of the segment, Fallon shared that Olive Garden actually handed him the rights to their “when you’re here, you’re family,” slogan.

Deciding it was time to give the slogan to someone who would enjoy it more, Fallon surprised Post by sharing he was signing off the rights to the slogan to he restaurant superfan.

Watch Post and Fallon's trip to Olive Garden below!

The past few months have been a whirlwind for the rapper.

In late August, the rapper got on a private jet that was forced to make an emergency landing after its tires blew out, then, weeks later, he was in a car crash and finally, he was the target of a robbery.

As if that’s not bad enough, he might actually be cursed. While things weren't looking to great for the Beerbongs And Bentley rapper, it appears his luck might be changing (!!)

After chopping off his signature locks, Malone won a couple of awards at the American Music Awards and then it was announced that he'd be making his acting debut on the Netflix movie Wonderland.

We're not entirely sure what the new acting role will see Malone do, but we're pretty excited to see his luck seems to be changing.