You can usually tell when a musician's name is their real name or something they use for the stage. Let's take, for example, Chris Motionless. Come on, we all know "Motionless" is not his real name. So what is it?

Take this quiz to see if you know enough about these rockstars to pick out which name is their real name.

More on real names

While not real names, a hilarious new meme circling Twitter late last year had us all pondering the origins of some of our favorite bands.

Last September, music lovers were contemplating where bands such as Good Charlotte, My Chemical Romance and more came up with their names. 

Twitter user @siddiqrahamut kicked off the internet phenomenon with a simple question — ”Is Charlotte even good?” 
Then, they continued to ask more questions about Major Lazer, Fort Minor and Papa Roach. 

Then, so many other people hopped on the bandwagon, asking questions about so many of our favorite acts. A Day To Remember, Taking Back Sunday, Limp Bizkit, Simple Plan and Panic! At The Disco all got dragged into it.

Check out some of the tweets below.