Scene kids recognize that much of our subculture would not be possible without Myspace, our first happy place on the internet. The website is responsible for creating many celebrities, making us all take regrettable selfies and helping shape our music taste to what it is today. 

That being said, it may have been a while since some of us indulged in the songs we embedded on our profiles for our Top 8 to jam out to every time they visited our page. We’ve picked 10 songs from Jeffree Star to 3OH!3 that every scene kid had on their Myspace page so we can all indulge in a little blast from the past.

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1. Cute Is What We Aim For – “The Curse Of Curves”

Every scene kid in 2006 had this Cute Is What We Aim For track on their page to let people know they weren’t afraid to put themselves out there and flirt, but they needed someone who isn’t “shallow as a shower.” Also, those scene kids now probably wonder how they still remember every word to this banger to this day.

2. Jeffree Star – “Beauty Killer”

Even though Star is known for his huge YouTube following and successful makeup brand in 2019, we can remember back to his 2009 Myspace and Warped Tour days. Every person who had this song on their profile is probably still killing their makeup game.

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No one listens to 3OH!3 and doesn’t immediately think of their peak scene days. This track epitomizes Myspace culture because it has an IDGAF attitude and is a little provocative, but we will still scream the catchy lyrics as loud as we can.

4. Mayday Parade – “Jamie All Over” 

The lyrics “And please don't tell me that I'm dreaming/When all I ever wanted was to dream another sunset with you” just sound like they were meant to be put in a glitter graphic. This Mayday Parade one’s a classic that we’ll never be embarrassed for loving.

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5. Taking Back Sunday – “Cute Without The ‘E’ (Cut From The Team)” 

Back in the 2000s, this Taking Back Sunday one was our go-to angsty track. We put this on our pages when we really needed to let everyone know we were pissed off, and they should leave us alone.

6. Hellogoodbye – “Dear Jamie…Sincerely Me”

When this Hellogoodbye song first came out, it sounded like the ultimate confession of love, and we couldn’t get enough of it. Not only did we proudly put this on our pages hoping that our crush would get the hint, but we definitely gave them a mix CD with this track as well.

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7. Millionaires – “Alcohol”

Millionaires were made by Myspace and stayed there, but they had a specific sound that was like edgier Ke$ha that was mesmerizing. This song and the video are the epitome of Myspace in its prime, and it’s a shame it’s been forgotten.

8. Paramore – “crushcrushcrush”

Paramore’s entire RIOT! album could be featured on this list, but “crushcrushcrush” was definitely one of the most popular tracks on the platform. We have most likely posted nearly every lyric of this song on our various social media accounts throughout the years, and we have no shame.

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9. The Academy Is… – “Slow Down” 

One of the best disses ever has to be “You kiss me like an overdramatic actor who's starving for work,” or at least it was in 2005. This the Academy Is... track was a staple on our Myspace page when we were feeling angsty, which was frankly all the time in the mid-’00s.

10. Panic! At The Disco – “Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off”

Every lyric in this Panic! At The Disco song sounds like something a hormonal teenager would love to post online, and boy did we. We were all “testosterone boys and harlequin girls” and probably always will be.