Return to ‘Riot!’ with Paramore’s first major AltPress 2007 interview

Featured in the August 2007 issue (229), Hayley Williams made her Alternative Press cover debut ahead of Warped Tour 2007 before Paramore appeared on the cover of issue 235 as the Band Of The Year in February 2008. Following the release of their sophomore album in June 2007, ‘Riot!,’ the group were interviewed by Jonah […]

Hayley Williams praises Symone’s Paramore-inspired look on ‘Drag Race’

RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant Symone paid tribute to an iconic Paramore era on the reality show this past week. Following the premiere, Hayley Williams excitedly reacted to the look on her Instagram story over the weekend. She sang Symone’s praises, saying it was the highest compliment that one of her hairstyles was recreated on the show. […]

Hayley Williams reimagines a Paramore classic in duet with fans—watch

Hayley Williams is revisiting one of Paramore’s most classic songs in a duet with fans. This week, she took over her hair brand Good Dye Young’s TikTok account again where she performed a new rendition of “The Only Exception.” For the video, Williams joined TikTok users @rachiichachii and @richmusicrich whose covers of the Brand New Eyes […]

10 albums from the 2000s that have no skippable tracks

There’s no shortage of perfect alternative songs from the 2000s. But can the same thing really be said about albums? You know what we’re talking about. It’s why we often opted to spend our $10 iTunes gift cards on assorted singles rather than full records. After all, why take up any fraction of that precious […]

10 bonus tracks from the 2000s that should’ve made it on the album

Discovering bonus tracks to your favorite albums was hands-down one of the best feelings ever back in the 2000s. Before the rise of streaming services, instant downloads and damn near limitless music collections, B-sides and other limited releases were like gold. If you were lucky, you’d find them on physical albums or iTunes. Otherwise, you were […]

Did Hayley Williams finally confirm a new Paramore album is in the works?

It looks like Hayley Williams is just as excited for Paramore‘s next album as you are. Over the weekend, the FLOWERS for VASES/descansos vocalist took part in a fan Q&A where she finally confirmed a new Paramore album is on the way. Read more: Jared Leto finally addressed that rumor he gifted Margot Robbie a […]

Ashnikko may not know her genre, but Paramore will always be a go-to

There are plenty of adjectives that Ashnikko admittedly avoids when describing her music. It’s not quiet. It’s not soft. And it’s never really been sweet, but she’s working on the vulnerability stuff.  On a personal level, too, it’s almost easier to understand 24-year-old Ashton Nicole Casey by examining how she doesn’t describe herself. She’s not […]

Hayley Williams is responding to those Paramore breakup rumors again

For years now, there’s been speculation that Paramore may break up for good. Then, last week, those breakup rumors resurfaced and caught the attention of Hayley Williams. Now, the Paramore frontwoman has responded to those rumors in the best way possible. Read more: Acid Bath Princess of the Darkness Raven finally addresses that viral video […]

See why Paramore fans think this throwback just kicked off a new era

In celebration of her 32nd birthday, Hayley Williams decided to hit the refresh button and give herself a new hair color. However, it looks like the new style is sparking a lot more reactions than the Paramore frontwoman maybe have anticipated. This week, fans have started speculating that Williams’ latest hair change could be a […]

QUIZ: Can you tell which hometown these pop-punk artists are singing about?

Hometown pride runs deep, especially when it comes to pop punk. Whether our favorite artists sing with fond remembrance or a deep-rooted desire to get the hell out, it’s clear that their origins have shaped them pretty profoundly. While it’s easy to assume that every outfit have roots in Chicago, Los Angeles or New York […]

10 scene staples you won’t believe don’t have music videos

Remember the days of rushing home and turning on MTV to catch the latest alternative hits? How about debating which music video you should buy with the remaining balance on your iTunes gift card? Anyone engaged in the 2000s scene knew how important music videos were to it. From artist discovery to the aesthetic, those […]

10 artists’ most and least streamed Spotify songs that might surprise you

Streaming has completely transformed the way people listen to music. Long gone are the days of burning CDs and downloading music online, but thanks to platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music, we can listen to any song we can think of at a moment’s notice.  Streaming services, especially Spotify, offer a lot more to users, […]

10 underrated album covers that will take you back to the 2000s

Chances are when you think of 2000s albums, a few distinct images spring to mind. Let us guess… Panic! At The Disco‘s A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out? Paramore‘s Riot!? My Chemical Romance‘s Life On The Murder Scene? All amazing… But we’re missing more than a few. In an iTunes-dominated world, album covers were often the first things […]

10 underrated albums from the 2000s you probably forgot about

Anyone who’s had any kind of scene phase is likely to look back on the 2000s fondly. With numerous hit alternative albums, including Paramore‘s Riot! and Yellowcard‘s Ocean Avenue, we were really blessed with some great music. Unfortunately, our nostalgia really only tends to gravitate toward a small number of the decade’s countless masterpieces. Don’t believe us? Dig up […]

Hayley Williams revisited Paramore’s past eras but not how you think

Hayley Williams has truly had some iconic hair and styles over the years. Now, the Paramore vocalist is revisiting some of these classic eras, but not in the way you might think. Read more: Hear the Wonder Years bring back ‘The Upsides’ era on “Brakeless” Although rumors are swirling that Paramore may be working on […]

29 scene song titles so long you'll have to stop to take a breath

One standout feature of the early 2000s emo music scene was song titles that could barely fit on the back covers of CDs. You probably have fond memories of typing the lyrics of your new jam into the Google search bar and discovering that the actual name of the song was nowhere within them. Or […]

15 emo anthems that would suit Robert Pattinson’s Batman

R-Battz is finally here. We’ve waited a long time to visualize Robert Pattinson’s interpretation of the Dark Knight, and the first official trailer for next year’s The Batman gave us more emo vibes than we could handle. This is the first incarnation of the caped crusader to show the black eyeliner every Batman wears beneath […]

20 records that prove the sophomore slump doesn't really exist

YUNGBLUD doesn’t come across as someone who’d sweat superstition. Sure, he’s proven himself to be introspective, sensitive, even insecure. The new track from the Doncaster growler, “god save me, but don’t drown me out,” will be included on his forthcoming second album, Weird!. Sophomore efforts are inherently daunting affairs for musicians, especially when that debut […]

Here are 20 of the easiest pop-punk songs to learn on guitar

Are you dreaming about leaving your hometown? Sure you are. Because pop-punk kids have felt self-isolated long before the pandemic. All the shows are canceled, and there’s nothing else to do, so there’s no better time to order in an unhealthy amount of pizza, reminisce about Warped Tour and dust off that Fender or Gibson […]

20 scene albums from 2007 that are probably still stuck in your head

In 2007, the scene was rocking harder and louder than anyone could have imagined. Myspace favorites such as Fall Out Boy and Paramore were crafting their emo sounds into unforgettable albums that established them as legends. While staying true to their roots in emo and punk, scene music introduced synthesizers and screamo elements to create […]
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