The ‘Jackass 4’ cast knows they’re older now but Steve-O has a solution

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Jackass fans won’t be able to see the highly-anticipated Jackass 4 until September 2021.

Despite the delay, however, Steve-O is opening up on the new film and reflecting back on Jackass‘ 20-year reign as the most extreme group of comedians the world’s ever seen.

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Jackass 4 was originally slated for a March 2021 premiere. However, as more films continue to be delayed, Jackass 4 has now been pushed back to Sept. 3, 2021. Don’t get too discouraged yet though because Steve-O is revealing what fans can expect to see in the new film.

During a recent interview with the AV Club, Steve-O shares that he was surprised Jackass 4 even happened. Since it’s been quite a few years since the Jackass crew got together, Steve-O assumed the opportunity for more films had passed.

“I was personally very surprised that Jackass four came up,” he shares. “I thought that ship had sailed, and I didn’t really mind either way because I had created enough momentum on my own that I was gonna be okay without another Jackass installment.”

When the Jackass crew did get together for the new film, however, Steve-O says it was like no time had passed at all.

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“As far as me doing super physical crazy stuff, I never stopped,” he continues. “So it was sort of natural for me because I have been active the whole time doing stuff like that. We all showed up to shoot [and] it was like we had never stopped. There was chemistry and it felt like we were right back where we started again. It felt great.”

Jackass first appeared on MTV exactly 20 years ago. Since then, the Jackass cast has obviously aged. Steve-O shares that their ages have always been an elephant in the room.

“The obvious elephant in the room is that a lot of the guys—myself included—are in the back half of our 40s and a couple of them are even 50, which… what the fuck?”

Rather than dwell on the age issue, however, Steve-O and the Jackass crew have the perfect solution – play into it.

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“So I think rather than pretend that’s not going on, it’s been a deliberate choice to take it head-on,” he says. “I like all of our goofy little intros, and we just address it. We play with it everywhere and have fun with it.”

Steve-O doesn’t know what the future may hold for the Jackass gang after Jackass 4. However, he says that Johnny Knoxville believes their ages make their antics even more entertaining to watch.

“I did feel that our ages were a concern, like at which point does it get creepy? When is it not funny to watch anymore? But Knoxville feels strongly that the older you are, the funnier it is,” Steve-O continues. “I don’t know what the truth is, but it seems to be working very well for now.”

Outside of the Jackass franchise, Steve-O is juggling various projects. He recently interviewed Korn‘s Jonathan Davis and Sharon Osbourne for his Wild Ride! podcast.

He also launched his new comedy special Gnarly which is available to stream on his website for those who are over 18. Steve-O announced the comedy special by duct-taping himself to a massive billboard in Los Angeles.

Steve-O’s full interview with the AV Club can be read here.

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