Brooklyn-based punk group Surfbort have shared an original Halloween-inspired song just in time for Oct. 31.

“Happy Happy Halloween” is a fun-loving punk-rock offering, as vocalist Dani Miller name-drops Siouxsie And The Banshees, Bauhaus and Christian Death.

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The band have also released a thematic visual for the track, directed by Linda Perry, who they worked with on their latest album, Keep On Truckin’. The pure definition of Halloween, the group dance with skeletons, use fake limbs as drumsticks and more, all while rocking out in a graveyard. With references to Harley Quinn, popular Halloween movies and other holiday-specific symbols, the visual is equal parts spooky and fun.

The whimsical “Happy Happy Halloween” is a perfect example of Surfbort’s musical identity. In an interview with Alternative Press, the band discussed wanting to focus on friendship and acceptance over sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll.

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“I realized early on that being onstage, it’s not really about me fully,” Miller says. “It’s not like, ‘Oh, this is my wedding, my one time to shine.’ It’s about the people coming to the shows and everyone feeling good, being themselves, letting go of all the crazy shit that’s thrown at us in life. The reason I do this makeup and scream into the moon onstage is to inspire other people to feel free to do whatever they want, whatever makes them feel comfortable.”

You can check out the visual for “Happy Happy Halloween” below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Surfbort tour dates:

10/21 – Los Angeles, CA @ Regent Theater
10/23 – Tucson, AZ @ 191 Toole
10/25 – Dallas, TX @ Sundown at Granada
11/04 – Santa Ana, CA @ Observatory
11/05 – San Luis Obispo, CA @ Fremont Theater
11/07 – San Francisco, CA @ Great American Music Hall
11/10 – Downtown Seattle, WA @ The Crocodile
11/11 – Boise, ID @ The Shredder
11/12 – Salt Lake City, UT @ The loading dock concert venue
11/14 – Denver, CO @ Marquis Theater
11/15 – Fort Collins, CO @ The Coast
12/02 – Philadelphia, PA @ Underground Arts
12/04 – Washington, DC @ DC9
12/05 – Ridgewood, NY @ TV Eye
12/06 – New York, NY @ Mercury Lounge

“Happy Happy Halloween” lyrics:

Black cats
Witches hat
Children in the streets with baseball bats
1, 2, I'm coming for you
3, 4, filled with gore
5, 6, gonna make you sick
7, 8, burned you at the stake
999, Satan's on my side
10, 11, no one's going to heaven
Pixy Stix with cyanide
Ghouls and ghosts
All night long
I think I just saw dead Santa Claus
Pumpkins and pig skins
Goths run around
With skeletons
Pumpkins and pig skins
Goths run around
With skeletons
I wanna listen
Siouxsie And The Banshees
Sisters Of Mercy
Bauhaus and Christian Death
I’m just about to lose
My breath