Sunday, July 5, 2020

Tag: emo music

lil lotus 2020

Lil Lotus is rewriting the emo playbook and there are no rules

Lil Lotus grins as he admits, “I’ve always stood out like a sore fucking thumb.” With a sawed-off shotgun tattooed above his eyebrow, a...
My Chemical Romance death day things we can't wait for MCR to do

10 things we can’t wait to see if My Chemical Romance do

Face it: My Chemical Romance could do virtually anything (as long as it’s not another hiatus), and fans would be eternally indebted to them....
My Chemical Romance Mariah Carey Welcome To The Christmas Parade

MCR, Mariah Carey collide in “Welcome To The Christmas Parade” mashup

My Chemical Romance made their return on Halloween, but that doesn’t mean they can’t join in the winter festivities.  Tracks from the emo powerhouse have...