annabelle comes home

‘Annabelle Comes Home” poster will have you looking over your shoulder

Annabelle Comes Home is gearing up to hit theaters next week, and the film dropped a horrifying new poster that is guaranteed to give us nightmares. The latest poster shows the possessed doll lurking behind a sleeping Judy in bed. Read more: CHVRCHES “look at it one way:” Tyga on Marshmello, Chris Brown drama You […]

‘Annabelle Comes Home’ drops second horrific trailer

Horror fans, get ready to be scared — a new Annabelle Comes Home trailer just dropped. The upcoming sequel to the Conjuring spinoff features one of our favorite possessed dolls wreaking havoc in a demonic way. Read more: Metallica singer James Hetfield has solo Motörhead jam session in his car We got the first trailer for […]

'Annabelle Comes Home’ trailer shows killer doll in creepy new way

Earlier this month, we got our first official teaser for the Annabelle Comes Home along with the announcement of the title for the third movie in the franchise. Now, we have our first full-length trailer that gives us some insight into the film about our favorite creepy doll. Read more: Stephen King reacts to ‘Pet […]

Creepy 'Annabelle 3' teaser reveals film's official title

It feels like 2019 just might be the year for horror films as we prepare ourselves for the release of Jordan Peele’s Us (which has already snagged a rare 100% Rotten Tomatoes rating, by the way). As the debut for that film draws nearer, New Line Cinema made sure to waste no time in giving us another […]