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See Escape The Fate rock out in 2011 AP Sessions video

The membership of Escape The Fate has changed a bit since 2011, but we've captured a slice of one of their older combinations in this AP Sessions video. Bassist Max Green and guitarist Monte Money have both departed ETF and since formed their own bands. In this video, they can be seen rocking out with […]

Relive Every Avenue's glory days with AP Session video

Back in 2012, Every Avenue band members went their separate ways, landing spots in Saves The Day and Florida Georgia Line. But before that, we caught an AP Session with the band in 2011. The band performs two original songs in the video: “Fall Apart” and “Whatever Happened To You.” After the show, singer David […]

Paramore performs show in AP office for 2011 AP Sessions video

In this 2011 AP Sessions video, Paramore performs in AP's office as part of their 25th anniversary celebrations. Once the band members get on their makeshift stage, Hayley Williams talks to the audience, which is seated on the ground. “Did any of you just wake up?” asks Williams. “Because we sort of did.” Paramore plays […]

Watch We Are The In Crowd perform 2011 AP Sessions

Right now, We Are The In Crowd is on an indefinite hiatus. But that doesn't mean you can't still appreciate their music they made during their six years of existence. In this AP Sessions video, filmed in September 2011, the band performs two original songs on a small stage— “Calendar Pages” and “Lights Out.” The […]

The Downtown Fiction get funky in AP Sessions video

The Downtown Fiction break out some groovy vibes in their AP Sessions performance, filmed in 2011. Between playing their two original songs, “Thanks For Nothing” and “I Just Wanna Run,” singer Cameron Leahy breaks out and sings a short excerpt from the song “Kiss” by Prince, showing off his high-pitched vocals. Check out the video, […]

Watch the Maine perform for 2011's AP Sessions

The Maine rocks out in this AP Sessions video, filmed in 2010 at Cleveland's historic venue, the Agora theater. The band performs “Right Girl” and “Into Your Arms,” two of their most popular songs, in the short video. Like and subscribe to APTV for more AP Sessions!

Watch the Wonder Years' intimate performance for AP Sessions in 2011

It was late spring of 2011 when pop-punk bar-raisers the Wonder Years pulled into the AP parking lot in Cleveland. Having generated some acclaim for their No Sleep Records release The Upsides, it was clearly evident the band were poised to do bigger things. Which is exactly what they did: After aligning themselves with Hopeless […]

Watch the Wonder Years perform mini-concert on AP Sessions

In this AP Sessions video filmed in 2011, the Wonder Years perform a mini-concert, and you can see them do everything from pulling equipment out of their van, to performing a crazy short show, to stepping back outside for a break after their two-song set. It's everything you could want to see, squished into a […]

Taking Back Sunday and Thursday perform on AP Sessions

In 2011, we captured an AP Session with Taking Back Sunday and Thursday while they were rolling through town. The two bands perform in the video for their own songs, then join forces to play a cover of Nirvana's “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” TBS singer Adam Lazzara talks about bad album sales during a break before […]

The Ready Set performs acoustic songs in AP Session

The Ready Set simplifies a couple of their songs in this 2011 acoustic performance, part of the AP Sessions series. The band works through two of their original songs, “Young Forever” and “Love Like Woe” while their touring drummer Travis Rountree taps away at a wooden box instead of a drumset. The band even bickers […]

See the Summer Set perform a three-song show in AP Sessions

In this video from AP Sessions, the Summer Set performs a mini-concert at Cleveland's historic venue, the Agora. Their three-song show includes scenes of each band member rocking out, close-ups of their bare feet and even a moment where Brian Dales forgets the words to “My Own Worst Enemy” by LIT. Don't worry; Dales gets […]

Watch Saves The Day perform live in 2011's AP Sessions video

Have you wanted to see Save The Day live? We might not be able to help you with tickets, but we can come close with this APTV video. For a year-and-a-half starting in 2011, AP hosted a series of live performance videos we titled simply “The AP Sessions.” The goal of the series was to […]

Watch A Day To Remember perform on AP Sessions

Get your eight-minute concert fix of the day.  In this special AP Sessions video, filmed in 2011, A Day To Remember perform a mini-concert of two songs. First they perform “Homesick,” then “Have Faith In Me,” while AP cameramen get up close and personal to the bandmates. Check out the video, and then like and […]

APTV Sessions: Never Shout Never - "Red Balloon"

Never Shout Never perform “Red Balloon” live from the APTV Studio. Vocalist/guitarist Christofer Drew introduces the song as “a story about waking up to a bigger picture.” Check it out and let us know what you think! Like and Subscribe for new APTV Sessions every weekend     — Video/Editing: Bobby Makar Sound: Rob Ortenzi […]

APTV Sessions: Hit The Lights - "Liars And Cheats"

Nick Thompson of Hit The Lights performs “Liars And Cheats” live at the APTV Studio. Thompson says the song was among the first acoustic songs the band wrote in 2009, and is one he still loves. Luckily, that means he was kind enough to treat you to it this Acoustic Weekend. Like and Subscribe for […]

APTV Sessons: Never Shout Never cover Radiohead's "Karma Police"

Never Shout Never cover Radiohead's “Karma Police” at the APTV Studio for this Acoustic Weekend. Christofer Drew shares a distinct memory he has tied to the song they chose to cover–one of his favorites by Radiohead. “I remember seeing them at Coachella a few years back,” he begins. “When this song played, I was laying […]

APTV Sessions: Hit The Lights - "Fucked Up Kids"

Hit The Lights frontman Nick Thompson performs “Fucked Up Kids” from Summer Bones live from the APTV studio. Like and subscribe for new acoustic sessions every weekend!      — Video/Editing: Bobby Makar Sound: Rob Ortenzi Segment Producer: Cassie Whitt Powered By CAD Audio  

APTV Sessions: Craig Owens - "How It Feels To Be Defeated"

Craig Owens performs “How It Feels To Be Defeated,” a song he co-wrote with Before Their Eyes for their latest album Midwest Modesty.  The song, which is about rebirth, hits a soft spot for Owens. “I went through a lot of grieving in my life this year,” says Owens, before launching into guitar strumming in the video. […]

APTV Sessions: Hawthorne Heights - "Pens And Needles"

Hawthorne Heights will celebrate 10 years of If Only You Were Lonely with a tour beginning in February. Before this acoustic performance of the album's single “Pens And Needles,” vocalist JT Woodruff gave us a little background on why they decided to do a 10-year tour for the album and a little history behind the […]

APTV Sessions: New Politics - "Harlem" (Acoustic)

New Politics kick of APTV's Acoustic Weekend with an energetic stripped-down rendition of their breakout single “Harlem.” Stay tuned tomorrow for another acoustic session! Subscribe to APTV for new acoustic videos every weekend! — Videographer/Editor: Bobby Makar Sound: Rob Ortenzi Segment Producer/Director: Cassie Whitt Powered By CAD Audio
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