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The Early November share single "About Me," confirm new album

They are now on tour with Armor For Sleep, both playing their debut albums in full.

Dashboard Confessional, Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness announce co-headlining tour

Dashboard Confessional and Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness have announced a co-headlining tour. The trek is titled Hello Gone Days and features support from Armor For Sleep, Cartel and the Juliana Theory on select dates. The run kicks off July 31 in Minneapolis. It makes several stops across the United States before concluding in Phoenix Sept. 7. […]

1999’s 15 best punk albums heralded a new age of mainstream rock

Welcome to Alternative Press’ pick of 1999’s best punk albums. It can be argued that the tone for the entire year was set in its first two months. For one thing, the 21-day impeachment trial of President Bill Clinton for perjuring himself in the investigation into the scandal over his affair with White House intern […]

Bamboozle Festival is planning to return in 2023 for its 20th anniversary

From 2003 to 2012, Bamboozle took over New Jersey for its annual multi-day festival. The event, which evolved out of the Skate And Surf, led to some iconic live sets from artists such as My Chemical Romance, Thrice, Paramore, Foo Fighters and Jimmy Eat World among many others. Now, the festival is making its long-awaited […]

10 opening songs that made these alternative albums perfect from the start

In a culture driven by instant gratification, it’s important to start off on the right foot when putting out content. This of course doubles for music, especially now that streaming services put a seemingly endless number of albums at our fingertips. Fortunately for the alternative music scene, starting off strong has been a long-set precedent. […]

10 of the saddest songs you definitely had on your iPod in the 2000s

Emo may be a vague term, but it conjures up some seriously vivid 2000s nostalgia. You know, memories akin to straightening our bangs and overlining our eyes while listening to the saddest songs imaginable…  Regardless of what exactly your emo phase looked like, there were certain staples that everyone had to load onto their iPods. […]

10 underrated album covers that will take you back to the 2000s

Chances are when you think of 2000s albums, a few distinct images spring to mind. Let us guess… Panic! At The Disco‘s A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out? Paramore‘s Riot!? My Chemical Romance‘s Life On The Murder Scene? All amazing… But we’re missing more than a few. In an iTunes-dominated world, album covers were often the first things […]

QUIZ: Can you match these emo lyrics to the bands who sang them?

Any former emo kid remembers singing along to their favorite songs with eyeliner running in sheets down their cheeks. Honestly, were we really that sad, or did our iPods just suck us into a black hole of raw emotion? Regardless of what came first, the sad or the band, the lyrics of the 2000s hit […]

QUIZ: Do you remember the lyrics to Armor For Sleep’s “Car Underwater”?

Back in late February, Armor For Sleep surprised fans with news of a 15-year anniversary tour for their beloved 2005 album, What To Do When You Are Dead. Featuring favorites such as “Car Underwater” and “The Truth About Heaven,” the AFS tour would mark their first since 2015.  The punk quartet were coming back with […]

These 19 scene albums show how 2005 was a great year for music

What were you doing 15 years ago? Updating your Myspace page? Giving yourself tinnitus at top volume? (This writer is definitely projecting.) It’s just a hunch, but maybe you found a way to get over the nu-metal hangover that was seemingly inescapable earlier this century. If you forgot what tributary life took you down back […]

19 scene albums from 2005 you probably still have on repeat

In 2005, an unexpected but revolutionary wave of scene music hit the mainstream. It was the year Myspace rose in the online ranks social media and became the most popular of its kind. It gave bands new avenues to introduce their unique sounds to the masses and familiarize the world with the classic scenester selfie […]

10 unexpected cameos Fall Out Boy snuck in their music videos

Fall Out Boy are one of the biggest bands in the scene, and they certainly have the music video cameo appearances to prove it. From fellow musicians all the way to reality stars, the rock quartet made memorable, hilarious videos to their most famous tracks with help from special guests.  From the guest themselves to […]

Armor For Sleep’s anniversary reunion tour dates are being pushed back

After an immense amount of hype regarding What to Do When You Are Dead‘s 15-year anniversary tour announcement, Armor For Sleep have officially been forced to postpone the shows.  Armor For Sleep announced the tour back in February after starting reunion tour rumors with a cryptic static-filled clip.  Read More: Here’s what Slayer would sound like mixed […]

15 ‘From Under The Cork Tree’ Easter eggs you probably missed

Fall Out Boy’s From Under The Cork Tree is the gift that keeps on giving. The pop-punk icons’ unforgettable 2005 output is jam-packed with Easter eggs we either didn’t notice before or completely forgot in the years since. From movie quotes and emo cameos to its unusual artwork, there’s a detail hiding in every corner. […]

15 music videos that will make you wish it was 2005 again

The year is 2005, and new gadgets are being introduced constantly. iPod Nano made its debut, and what could be considered the first video social media, YouTube, launched as well. This new platform encouraged artists to create easy, accessible music videos. Despite the low-quality, primarily small-budgeted videos, some bands went all out. Here’s a list […]

Armor For Sleep reveal support acts for their anniversary tour

Armor For Sleep are gearing up for their 15-year What to Do When You Are Dead tour and now they’re revealing who will be joining them on the trek. The band are revealing support on the tour is coming from Never Loved with East Coast dates also getting the Coldest Sea and West Coast and Central dates getting Silence Of You. Read […]

Armor For Sleep add new date to ‘What To Do When You Are Dead’ tour

Earlier this week, New Jersey emo act Armor For Sleep announced a limited run of dates, their first since 2015. Now, they just added an additional date to their return run. The initial tour was announced to celebrate 15 years of their album What To Do When You Are Dead. The additional date takes place […]

Armor For Sleep to reunite for ‘What To Do When You Are Dead’ tour

Over the weekend, Armor For Sleep sparked reunion tour rumors thanks to a cryptic static-filled clip. Now, the band are confirming the theories are true with the announcement of a 15-year anniversary tour for their sophomore album What To Do When You Are Dead. Armor For Sleep embarked on what would become their final tour […]

Armor For Sleep spark 15-year anniversary tour theory with cryptic video

It’s been five years since the last Armor For Sleep show but it looks like the band could be up to something again. The band posted a cryptic static-filled video clip with a silhouette of the suit-wearing man on their 2005 record What to Do When You Are Dead along with the number 15 creeping over the top […]
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