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10 women vocalists who brought a unique sound to 2000s alternative

“Not all bands fronted by women sound like Paramore” is beginning to become a pretty popular adage in the alternative music scene. It’s not that drawing a likeness to Hayley Williams isn’t a compliment—it may be one of the highest. But consistent comparisons to the most iconic woman-led group to emerge from the 2000s totally overlook […]

These 10 musicians are also rock stars as parents

Being a parent with a normal job is hard. Now imagine being on the road much of the year and still tackling the responsibilities of having a family. Many musicians balance their crazy work schedule with family hangouts and, of course, changing diapers. So we’ve compiled a handful of rock star parents who have the […]

Wallows release debut album and other news you might have missed today

PUP released two new tracks—plus, don’t miss a new cover from the Evening featuring Luke Holland. Check out the news you might have missed today below! 1. Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross release new single Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross released their newest single, “Phases.” “‘Phases’ is one of our favorite songs,” they explain. “It’s […]

Op-Ed: In defense of Fall Out Boy’s ‘Folie À Deux’

When Fall Out Boy released their fourth record, Folie À Deux, in 2008, they were no strangers to pissing off fans and baffling critics. Their stylistic changes, both musically and aesthetically, from album to album are notable and clear: Take This To Your Grave is a pure, if not standout, pop-punk record; From Under The […]

11 things you forgot happened in 2011

Oh, 2011. The year when internet memes ruled the internet and the hiatus was surprisingly common. Though it may only be five years ago, we excavated some of the most interesting moments from the year to see how much you actually remember from 2011. Which moments do you remember best? 1. Twenty One Pilots played […]

Fall Out Boy secret show chronicled; Wentz and Simpson "90% sure" it's a boy

Fall Out Boy's secret show on August 31 at Angels & Kings in their hometown of Chicago, IL was recently discussed in a post on the Friends or Enemies website. The band performed under the code name 60xxx to 86 members of Fall Out Boy's fan club, the Overcast Kids. They also apparently referred to […]