Meet Alana Morshead, the costume designer behind Do Revenge’s most iconic looks

Do Revenge is Netflix’s latest hit film. Costume designer Alana Morshead breaks down the inspiration behind some of the film’s best costumes and her future projects.

10 shows and movies that shouldn't be getting remakes

If there’s anything we’ve learned about the entertainment industry in the past five years or so, it’s that reboots are big business. It doesn’t matter if it’s a childhood classic film or a beloved throwback sitcom. People love to watch remakes of things they’ve already seen, so Hollywood continues to produce them.  However, while there are […]

14 throwback merch items you can buy to embrace your inner ’90s kid

Nostalgia is in, and the ’90s are full of music, pop culture and style choices we can’t help but revisit. From cartoons and movies to classic bands, you can find modern apparel, accessories and even home goods to reflect your inner child. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite throwback pieces and reminisce […]

10 times YUNGBLUD showed off his androgynous style

YUNGBLUD is a worldwide rock star, and he’s also proving that gendered clothing is a thing of the past with every performance. He pulls off all of his looks, no matter if it’s a skirt or ripped jeans, lipstick or eyeliner.  In general, this artist is a style icon, and we are so thankful he’s […]

A 'Clueless' remake is in the works, here's what we know so far

As if! Grab all the plaid in your closet and get ready, a Clueless remake is reportedly in the works. Read more: Some bands are giving you free concert tickets if you vote in midterms Reported by Deadline, the forthcoming remake is getting a revival thanks to Paramount Pictures. Glow writer Marquita Robinson is set to pen the […]

10 types of show crowds you’ll encounter in your life

In this scene, we go to a lot of shows. Way more than the average music fiend, we would venture to guess. And though many of our experiences within crowds will be largely similar, there are some that stand out, for their bizarre factor, for the characters involved or for the way they enhance (or […]