Frontman for The Word Alive, Telle Smith has taken to Twitter to share his thoughts on fans’ reactions to their favorite bands changing up their sound.

With Bring Me The Horizon’s forthcoming release sounding unlike anything they have ever released before, Smith defends the band’s new direction.

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According to Smith, fans don’t need to love every song a band or artist releases to appreciate their growth and discography at-large.

“As a band who has been evolving into something where you can listen to for any mood, and it almost feel like shuffle when listening to an album I appreciate the boundary-less approach to music that @bmthofficial have taken,” Smith says in a tweet. “You don’t have to love every song to love a band.”
Smith continues to elaborate on his point about heavier bands experimenting with other genres. Additionally, Smith shuts down “entitled music fans” who wish for their favorite bands to stay stagnant in their sound.

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At the end of the day, Smith says that true, dedicated fans will show up and support artists no matter their direction.

Earlier today, Oli Sykes said that amo may take listeners a few listens before they are able to fully grasp its concept.

“For me it’s heavier and, not raw, but things hit you and make you feel a lot weirder than That’s The Spirit did,” Sykes says in an interview with Kerrang!. “As a fan I’d be excited about this album. It’s definitely gonna take a few listens, not because you won’t like it at first, but because the songs have got so much going on. They’re a lot deeper than anything we’ve ever written before.”

What do you think about artists experimenting with different techniques? Sound off in the comments below.

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