10 most criminally underrated Bring Me The Horizon songs

From a Slipknot cover to a rescored part of the Drive soundtrack, we rounded up Bring Me The Horizon’s deep cuts and rarities.

Bring Me The Horizon look back on biggest year ever in AP Yearbook (#401)

The arrival of December signals that 2021 is quickly coming to an end. Winter looms, and we collectively anticipate a new year, with all of the possibilities offered by the final turning of the calendar page. Even so, we’re still savoring the here and now, and it’s not quite time to forget what this year […]

Bring Me The Horizon’s “Sleepwalking” receives silver certification

Bring Me The Horizon find themselves at the top of another chart now that “Sleepwalking” has gone silver, according to BPI. The chart-topping song comes from the band’s 2013 genre-bending album, Sempiternal. Read more: Tatiana Hazel shares how creating music and fashion go hand in hand “Sleepwalking” is a timeless metalcore track that deserves all […]

10 unexpected collaborations that effortlessly blend genres

Collaboration among artists can make good songs turn into great ones. Surely, the alternative scene has witnessed this, whether it’s Alex Gaskarth and Mark Hoppus joining forces to create Simple Creatures or even My Chemical Romance and the Used coming together to work on “Under Pressure.” These collabs, of course, were no surprise, as the […]

R I L E Y and Loote team up on heartbreak anthem “Tell Me Why”—listen

R I L E Y has teamed up with fellow genre-blending act Loote for his latest infectious single “Tell Me Why,” marking the singer’s first release of 2021.  R I L E Y began teasing the collab in March with a retweet, later describing it as “one of [his] favorite songs” on his Instagram Story and confirming […]

Jeris Johnson drops an amped-up remix of a Bring Me The Horizon classic

Jeris Johnson and Bring Me The Horizon debuted a new collaboration revisiting the BMTH classic “Can You Feel My Heart.” Earlier this week, Johnson and Oli Sykes confirmed a remix of the Sempiternal classic was officially on its way. Sykes teased the new collab on TikTok, joking with Jeris about misidentifying the release date. Now, […]

BMTH's next EP is on the way, but it may be a while before we hear it

Oli Sykes has finally offered an update on Bring Me The Horizon‘s next POST HUMAN EP. This week, the frontman revealed that more new music will arrive “soon,” but it may be a while before fans get to hear their next EP in full. Read more: Jared Leto missed his chance to sign Billie Eilish […]

10 album closers that ended the record on a dark note

You know when an album is all fun and games, then the last track has you existential? What is it that makes artists want to leave us down and out? Maybe it’s the fact that we can’t simply say, “That was fun!” and move on. Sometimes, it might take a sad song to feel the […]

10 songs artists used to remind fans that they're only human

It’s incredibly refreshing to hear that your favorite band member with the angelic voice is just like you. Sometimes, it takes a little reminder for us to remember what lies beneath the cape we envision on the people who make our favorite songs. It takes a reminder to realize artists are just like us.  These […]

Here’s the one thing BMTH and Amy Lee didn’t agree on for their collab

Bring Me The Horizon‘s latest EP POST HUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR includes surprise collabs with YUNGBLUD, Nova Twins, BABYMETAL and Evanescence‘s Amy Lee. Now, Bring Me The Horizon and Amy Lee are offering a behind-the-scenes look into how their collab on “One Day The Only Butterflies Left Will Be in Your Chest As You March Towards […]

Here’s how BMTH inspired YUNGBLUD long before their collab on "Obey"

2020 has definitely been a big year for YUNGBLUD. Not only has he just released his highly-anticipated new album weird!, but he’s worked on songs with artists including Machine Gun Kelly, Travis Barker and Bring Me The Horizon. Now, YUNGBLUD has opened up on just how much Bring Me The Horizon has inspired him over […]

Nova Twins ended up collaborating with BMTH in an unexpected way

Just over a month ago, Bring Me The Horizon unveiled their highly-anticipated new EP POST HUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR. The release includes collabs with YUNGBLUD on “Obey,” BABYMETAL, Evanescence‘s Amy Lee and Nova Twins. Now, Nova Twins have revealed the unexpected way their collab with BMTH on “1×1” came to be. Read more: Did this ‘Spider-Man […]

Here's what led to BMTH and BABYMETAL's heavy collab "Kingslayer"

Last month, Bring Me The Horizon finally unveiled their new EP POST HUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR. Along with features from Nova Twins, Amy Lee and YUNGBLUD, BMTH teamed up with Japanese duo BABYMETAL for the heavy-hitting song “Kingslayer.” Now, Bring Me The Horizon have revealed how their collab came to be and why it was years […]

Here’s why Oli Sykes thinks headlining tours should be a thing of the past

Obviously, due to the coronavirus pandemic, the future of live shows is still rather uncertain. Now, it looks like Bring Me The Horizon‘s Oli Sykes has plenty of ideas for the industry when shows resume. This week, Sykes revealed that headlining shows could become a thing of the past. As well, he shares why performers […]

10 artists we need to see play ‘Saturday Night Live’

Many scene favorites have gone through the Saturday Night Live gauntlet, including Fall Out Boy, My Chemical Romance and twenty one pilots. This season, Jack White took over for one of the musical guests when country artist Morgan Wallen didn’t follow the show’s COVID-19 restrictions and was prohibited from performing in the studio. Some artists […]

10 artists who made a bold departure on an album and it worked

When Radiohead released Kid A, it was such a bold departure from their sound that it stunned the world. Fueled by a disdain for making alternative-rock music and a nervous breakdown that loomed large over Thom Yorke’s mental state, Kid A was the antithesis of everything they’d accomplished up until that point. It was as […]

QUIZ: Do you remember the lyrics to BMTH’s “Chelsea Smile”?

It’s time for every Bring Me The Horizon fan to “repent, repent” because Suicide Season turns 12 years old today. The iconic album sleeve remains a staple on record shelves with the cover model literally spilling her guts. Aside from this, BMTH’s hit single “Chelsea Smile” remains locked into many of our Spotify playlists all […]

QUIZ: Which 2010 album are you?

It’s hard to believe that 2010 was already a decade ago, which definitely makes us feel some type of way. It seems like just yesterday that we were finally leaving the iconic 2000s behind for a year filled with the birth of Instagram, Lady Gaga’s meat dress and plenty of our favorite albums that we still […]

19 scene albums from 2008 you’re probably still blasting in your car

As legendary bands in the scene continued to mature musically and grow away from the genres that they became known for, newly established musicians were creating blends that sparked new categories for scene music. In 2008, Fall Out Boy released their last album before their hiatus, and I Set My Friends On Fire popularized crunkcore. […]

Here are the 15 best metalcore breakdowns of 2020 so far

In modern metalcore, the generic breakdown as we know it seems to be close to extinction. But the way you recognize a good one remains unchanged—it’s when you sense the ultimate release of anticipation approaching, yet it still catches you by surprise. Hold your breath and get ready to headbang to some of the best […]
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