On June 4, Bracewar drummer Rashod Jackson took to Twitter to call out the Ghost Inside's bass player Jim Riley. Jackson shared a tweet from the Ghost Inside about a new shirt with profits going to the NAACP.

The Bracewar drummer alleged that TGI's "bitch ass bass player" used a racial slur about a tour bus driver and that the Ghost Inside are overlooking that. Jackson's tweet gained a lot of traction and Riley has since released a statement about the issue.

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Unfortunately, people also began giving Rashod Jackson grief over the timing of his insinuation. Some believed he was making a joke at an inappropriate time due to the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests sparked by the killing of George Floyd.

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Now, the Ghost Inside bassist has officially responded to Jackson's claim in a thread of tweets.

"Rashod called me out in 2015. I called him, he put the screws to me," Riley begins. "I deserved it, and I apologized to him. He told me that wasn't good enough and he was right. It's shameful and fucking embarrassing. I present myself as someone who gives a shit about progressive movements and ideas, and I was not living up to that."

"Because of that conversation I had to take a big fucking look in the mirror and recognize a lot of bullshit that I was selling myself. I made too many excuses for being brought up without exposure to the black experience, and I should have been better. I make a conscious effort to purge stuff about myself that still sucks when I find it, and to be mindful that I'm just a passenger on someone else's ship in any movement related to black lives."

"I'm sorry. I know that's not enough. I'm going to keep doing the work. That might still not be enough. I'm going to do it anyway."

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